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Removal of Montgomery tubercles - would it be worth it if the result would be a scar instead? (Photo)

I've always been unhappy with the look of my areolae due to excessive size/number of Montgomery glands on the surface. Would it be worth it to remove... READ MORE

I'm 23 yrs old. With excessive weight gain my areola were stretched. Am I a Good Candidate for Areola Reduction? (photo)

Hi there I am 23 years old, I have never liked the look of my breasts. With excessive weight gain after puberty my areolas were stretched. After some... READ MORE

How can I have inverted nipples corrected? (photos)

I'm a mum of 3 and have gone under to have the nipple correction surgery. However it didn't correct them and the are ducts cut. They still invert. I... READ MORE

I don't like how large my areolas are. What are my options to reducing their size? How bad is the scarring? (Photo)

I have large areolas, as you can see in the pictures. I'm 23, never been pregnant and don't intend to in the next several years. I don't like the size... READ MORE

What are my options to normalize inverted nipples with montgomery glands? (photos)

I have a grade 1 inverted right nipple (comes out spontaneously) and grade 2 left nipple. I also have lots of visible montgomery glands. I'm using... READ MORE

Is there a way to breastfeed after an inverted nipple correction? (photo)

Hey, I have grade 3 inverted nipple and I was wondering if there was a technique for correcting them that I would be able to breastfeed afterwards, if... READ MORE

What can be done to align my nipples? (Photos)

I had a mastopexy exactly 3 months ago and as you can see one nipple is lower than the other. Why has this happened and what can be done about it. My... READ MORE

Inverted nipples or something else? (photos)

My nipples have been this way for as long as I can remember. Now I am pregnant and I am worried that I will not be able to breast feed. My left breast... READ MORE

Aerola Reduction. Am I a candidate, and how bad is the scarring? (Photo)

I'v posted those photos but only got 1 answer, so I'll try again. I'm 23, never been pregnant. I percieve my aerolas as too big, and wanted to know my... READ MORE

Important need to know if my nipples are normal when this happens? (photo)

At room temperature my nipples are short of an oval shape with an inverted look when I'm cold my nipples turn hard and they look normal READ MORE

Worried about the shape of my nipple, help? (photo)

Could you please advise me on what this could be? Worried about the shape of my nipple i appear to have a lump at the bottom, have felt and have no... READ MORE

Will a areola reduction help me achieve youthful looking breast? (photos)

I'm 22y years old and I've always had big areolas I really dislike them. I use to be a 36DD at one point but I lost a lot of weight. I'm now a small B... READ MORE

Self-conscious about breasts & interested in an areola reduction to make my breast proportional. Details on the procedure? photo

I am self conscious about my breasts and would like details as to the procedure I would need to achieve smaller areola's and make my breasts more... READ MORE

Do I qualify for an areola reduction and breast lift? (photo)

I've always had HUGE areolas and my right breast has always been noticeably bigger than the other. Since I got pregnant (I'm about 27-28 weeks), it... READ MORE

Could I have only my areolas size reduced even though they are very large? How do I treat growing hyper-pigmentation? (photos)

I am 5'6, 154lbs, and my bra size is between 36c and 34d. I've been told by more than one doctor that my breasts are normal. I strongly disbelieve it... READ MORE

My nipple is a weird shape, what does this mean? (Photo)

My right nipple looks abit like a C shape and it's worrying me because when I was with my boyfriend one night he pointed it out and it was really... READ MORE

I'm 18 yrs old, 110 lbs, and never been pregnant. Am I a good candidate for areola reduction? (photo)

I am 18 years old, 110 lbs and have never been pregnant. I started developing at the age of 8, and started my menstrual cycle at 9, since then I've... READ MORE

I am male with female looking nipples, What can I do to help them? (Photo)

So I am 19,as a kid i had small normal looking nipples,but around 13/14 i saw a photo of myself at the beach with my shirt off and my nipples looked... READ MORE

I regularly workout at the gym. My chest shape is good, but my nipples are big and enlarged. What would you recommend? (photo)

About puffy and enlarged nipples of 21 year can i reduce puffiness of my nipples its so embarrassing wen i wear tee shirts .... READ MORE

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