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Puffy Areolas: Is There a Fix? (photo)

I'm 21. I have always liked my breast's size and shape, however my nipples have always caused an insecurity for me. Do I have options to getting them... READ MORE

What is the Real Deal with Fixing Inverted Nipples/ Sensitivity Loss?

Hi I'm 45 with inverted nipples my whole life. How it looks doesn't really bother me, the problem is they are very sensitive, but never can... READ MORE

Options to Make Areolas Bigger?

The bud is big and sticks out when its hard, but the areola is barely thr, especially hard, almost completely disapears. Even when they r soft the... READ MORE

How Can Extra Large Nipples Be Corrected?

What is the procedure that can correct this condition? READ MORE

Montgomery's Gland into Keloids That Still Pop Like Pimples? (photo)

The Montgomery's glands on my aureolas get "whiteheads" in them (not infected) since I hit puberty 10 yrs ago. Every 2 weeks, they... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Correct my Grade 3 Inverted Nipples While Possibly Maintaining the Ability to Breastfeed and my Sensitivity?

I am 27 years old and have no children. I have always had grade 3 inverted nipples; they never protrude even manually. First, I would like to know... READ MORE

How Can I Get Smaller Areolas Without the Puffiness?

I do not have tuberous breast, nor do I have kids. I wear a size D bra but my aerolas are always big and puffy, yet when they constrict they go from a... READ MORE

Best Method to Reduce Male Nipple Protrusion?

I am a young male in very good shape. My nipples are too pointy especially when cold. I would like to plan a surgery but am curious what is the best... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce the Size of my Areolas?

I am a 23 year old male and I'm having serious self confidence issues due to the actual size/diameter of my aereola around my nipple. I had... READ MORE

Nipple Reduction Without Surgery?

How can large nipples be corrected without surgery? READ MORE

My Nipples Have Gotten Bigger With Age, How Can I Correct This?

I Have Always Had Beautiful Breasts with Normal Size Nipples. Now That I'm in my Late  40's I have some sagging but my nipples are HUGE!... READ MORE

Nipples No Longer Get Erect, Is There Anything I Can Do?

About 2 years ago, my nipple had scratches and sore skin during the relationship with my boyfriend. After that incident, I have nipple erection... READ MORE

Large, Puffy Areolas, Inverted Nipples, but Small Breasts-- is There a Procedure to Help?

My breasts are a size 34A, but my areolas are about 6.5cm in diameter (they pretty much take up the entire breast). My nipples are also inverted--... READ MORE

Can I Change the Color of my Areola by Any Lighting Cream, Laser, Etc?

I had a breast lift last summer with an areola reduction. Since my areola was so massive, a lot was still left by the scar line. To better describe,... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Change the Size and Shape of my Nipples with Minimal Scars? (photo)

I am 24years old, 115lbs, 5'7", I have had 3 children and recently gotten a breast aumentation. I have silicone implants above the muscle. I... READ MORE

Can the Areolas Be Resized Without Having a Lift? (photo)

Hi, I've just had my 2nd breast augmentation done.I am as unhappy with them now as my first surgery. My areolas are large and misshapen due to... READ MORE

Costs of Areola Reduction in Las Vegas and am I a Candidate?

I would also like to know what else can be done... Thank you! READ MORE

Can Flat Nipples That Were Once Inverted Be Corrected with Surgery?

I was born with inverted nipples that I've been highly self conscious about. I had nipple reconstruction done to fix them, but now they are just... READ MORE

I Have Droopy Areolas! What Can I Do to Fix This?

I am a 35 year old female with one 16 year old child. I have been unable to find any information on my problem. My breasts went from a b cup to a full... READ MORE

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