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Left Nipple Has Become Inverted

For the past week everytime I remove my bra I notice that my left nipple is inverted but once the bra is removed the nipple starts coming out again. I... READ MORE

I Am Now 17 Days Post Op and Areola's Healing at Different Rates. Normal? (photo)

I am worried at 17 days post op one looks almost healed and one even bled a little when I removed tape today. I took tape off on day 13 had bleeding... READ MORE

Is This Healing Normal After Areola Reduction?

I had an areola reduction a three weeks ago and im not sure if my nipple is healing like it's supposed to. there are some visible holes that dont seem... READ MORE

Will my Nipple Heal and Return to its Normal State?

I had nipple inversion surgery 12 days ago. Yesterday my ps dug out a black scab from the nipple. He said it would be ok then asked if I smoked.... READ MORE

Does my areola look normal? (Photo)

I have noticed that sometimes I get a LOT of small bumps on my areola. They are not present all the time but sometimes. READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to reduce the size and appearance of my Montgomery glands? (Photo)

I am a young male adult and I love being in the sun. My Montgomery glands have grown increasingly large on my left areola and has caused me to become... READ MORE

Areolas form a puffy mound above my breast, and I have flat nipples. Is this normal?

I'm a 16 year old female with 36A breasts. They have always looked this way ever since I started growing breasts, around 12 when I had my first period... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Surgery for Areola Size Reduction Give You Mild Ezcema?

I really don't understand what's happening. Had the areola of my left breast reduced. Two months post surgery the areola started to have very... READ MORE

Are my nipples normal? (photo)

I am 19 and self conscious about my nipples are they normal? should i get surgery? what would you recomend? READ MORE

I'm 20 and I've noticed recently that my areolas have lightened/are fading around the edges. Is this normal?

I noticed this change within the past month but I believe compared to about a year ago my areolas are significantly lighter. I'm not pregnant, never... READ MORE

Puffy areolas/nipples

Im a 18 year old girl. I started puberty later than average. I have an issue that i can best describe as gynecomastia. I heard that stage 4 of breast... READ MORE

Are my breasts normal?

Hi I'm 16 and I've always been a bit self conscious about my breasts because they don't seem to be the classic perky breasts that a lot of people have... READ MORE

Nipple Feels Detached from my Breast

I have noticed that one nipple seems to be fully detached from my breast- I can pull it fully away from the breast and feel no attachment in anyway- I... READ MORE

My nipple is a weird shape, what does this mean? (Photo)

My right nipple looks abit like a C shape and it's worrying me because when I was with my boyfriend one night he pointed it out and it was really... READ MORE

Areola discoloration? What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

On my right breast, my areola is a darker color on the top but almost completely nude/white on the bottom. Is this normal? What can I do to fix it?... READ MORE

Nipples look bigger than before correction surgery (photos)

I made the correction nipple since a week ago Im worried now that my nipples is bigger.than before. my question is did is a normal in beginning to... READ MORE

Areola puffy? (Photos)

Hello, I have 18 years and have always had the areola swollen, flat nipple and areola size is large enough for a small breasts. One advantage is that... READ MORE

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