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Inverted Nipple a Sign of Breast Cancer?

My left breast nipple is dented. i've been ok with it, yet i saw a story in the news that it could be a sign of breast cancer.  so now i am... READ MORE

How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple? (photo)

I have very small nipples...even slightly invertrd at times. I would like to make them larger both in diameter and length if possible, and for them to... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Inverted Nipples?

What is the procedure was to correct inverted nipples? Is it a difficult or painful procedure? READ MORE

What is the Real Deal with Fixing Inverted Nipples/ Sensitivity Loss?

Hi I'm 45 with inverted nipples my whole life. How it looks doesn't really bother me, the problem is they are very sensitive, but never can... READ MORE

Left Nipple Has Become Inverted

For the past week everytime I remove my bra I notice that my left nipple is inverted but once the bra is removed the nipple starts coming out again. I... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Correct my Grade 3 Inverted Nipples While Possibly Maintaining the Ability to Breastfeed and my Sensitivity?

I am 27 years old and have no children. I have always had grade 3 inverted nipples; they never protrude even manually. First, I would like to know... READ MORE

How Much Would it Cost for me to Get Both of my Inverted Nipples Taken Care of?

Hello, I'm 18 and live in MN and I'm wondering how much it would cost for me to get both of my inverted nipples taken care of....They've been this way... READ MORE

Large, Puffy Areolas, Inverted Nipples, but Small Breasts-- is There a Procedure to Help?

My breasts are a size 34A, but my areolas are about 6.5cm in diameter (they pretty much take up the entire breast). My nipples are also inverted--... READ MORE

My Nipples Are Flat?

Im 16 years nipples are sometimes inverted and when i try to pull them out they become normal and erect..but after few mintues they become... READ MORE

Random inverted nipple: Causes?

On two occasions in the past month i have noticed my left nipple has been inverted. It returns to normal after a small squeeze, no coaxing at all.... READ MORE

Inverted Nipple?

I noticed after I stopped breast feeding my son at 18 months, he's now almost 3, that my right nipple became inverted. I can, with very little help,... READ MORE

Is my Inverted Nipple a Sign of Cancer?

Hi i am 21 years old and my right nipple is inverted. i havent always had it and i am not sure how long i have had it maybe a year at the most? i... READ MORE

Flat, puffy, inverted nipple? What to do? (Photo)

My nipple is so not aesthetically pleasing. I am an 18 year old female and I am not sexually active and never been pregnant. My right nipple has... READ MORE

Flat or inverted nipples? (Photo)

Are there simple surgeries to correct this? Also would i have to get it done seperate from the BA? Tia. READ MORE

Why do I have holes in my nipples? (photo)

I have inverted nipples, but even when they pop out, I have a big hole ... READ MORE

Could Weight Loss, Stress and Anxiety Have Caused my Inverted Nipple?

I havent always had it but its been months im already scheduled to see a doctor but am very curious and worried as i kno it sometimes is a sign of... READ MORE

How Old Do I Have to Be for Nipple Correction Surgery?

I just turned 16, and my bra size is 32a (not sure if I can get the surgery despite my size)Both nipples are inverted. Not only am I insecure about... READ MORE

Inverted Nipples at Age 13?

Im 13 and have "inverted nipples" all my life. Im so worried! I cant tell my mom or anyone about this, dont know what to do? I read that its a sign of... READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Have Had Inverted Nipples my Whole Life and They Have Never Went Out?

Im 14 and i have inverted nipples and i dont know what to do its very embarrassing and i think it might be a sign of breast cancer. i havint told... READ MORE

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