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What Kind of Marks Do Supernumerary/accessory/extra/third Nipple Removal Leave Behind?

I got mine removed through a skin doctor about a year ago. My doctor "scooped" my nipple out and stitch back the skin. As my stitches healed, my skin... READ MORE

I Am Now 17 Days Post Op and Areola's Healing at Different Rates. Normal? (photo)

I am worried at 17 days post op one looks almost healed and one even bled a little when I removed tape today. I took tape off on day 13 had bleeding... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Areola

To correct my tuberous breast, I had a fat transfer (08/28/10) and areola reduction (03/08/11)by two different surgeons at the same time, getting... READ MORE

Is This Healing Normal After Areola Reduction?

I had an areola reduction a three weeks ago and im not sure if my nipple is healing like it's supposed to. there are some visible holes that dont seem... READ MORE

Will my Nipple Heal and Return to its Normal State?

I had nipple inversion surgery 12 days ago. Yesterday my ps dug out a black scab from the nipple. He said it would be ok then asked if I smoked.... READ MORE

Aerola Reduction Surgery with Problems

Hi, I had an aerola reduction surgery 1 year ago and after few months the stitches hadn't disappeared and the doctor had to remove them manually.... READ MORE

I Am 15 Days Post Op Can I Put Polysporn on my Areola Incisions?

I am 15 days post op and took my paper tape that surrounded my nipples off on day 13 and there was a few spots that bled. I put polysporn on because I... READ MORE

14 days after inverted nipple surgery, right areola firm/bumpy right under the nipple, and how long should the swelling last?

4 days ago I had stitches taken out & asked if my right areola looked swollen & he said yes. When you touch under the nipple,the right side feels... READ MORE

How long will my nipples hurt after nipple reduction?

I'm 9 weeks PO and my nipples feel like they're bruised. They are completely healed and look good but hurt. READ MORE

Are my scars healing ok after an Areola Reduction? (photos)

I recently got an areola reduction and I'm worried my scars on my left boob (pictures 3 and 4) are healing really badly. There's still surgical glue... READ MORE

Does this open wound need to be stitched? (Photo)

Areola reduction 6 weeks ago. The doctor left a polypropylene stitch buried to support the healing. Stitches started to hurt but the doctor had left... READ MORE

Need second opinion wound not healing. (photo)

Ps is thinking about going back in to do another surgery. I have a pin size hole that's won't close that keep draining. READ MORE

Nipple too high after left nipple lift. 6 days out from surgery today. Will the nipple settle and drop some w/ healing? (Photo)

2013 revision BA w/right nipple lift. April 2015 implants removed. 6 days ago left nipple lift to match right nipple, w/ scar revision on right nipple... READ MORE

Open wound where sutures came out 10 weeks after surgery. Will this be OK?

10weeks since nipple lift. Structure came out&caused slight bleeding, went to see PS. I have been cleaning, putting antibacterial cream on/covering... READ MORE

Post bilateral nipple inversion correction: will my raw nipples heal? Can I do anything to expedite the process? (Photo)

8 days ago I had bilateral nipple inversion correction surgery. The bandaging came off today and has caused both nipples to be raw, scabby and very... READ MORE

Partial necrosis of the nipple: What will the healed nipple be like?

To be clear I am seeing my sergeon tomorrow morning. According to some of the doctors on here my nipple seems to be partially necrotic. What does this... READ MORE

After the nipple reduction procedure, how long until the nipple and areola fully heal and take on normal appearance?

I had the nipple reduction procedure 4 days ago and just removed the plastic covering yesterday. The projection of the nipple is much smaller as... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to repair cracked nipples?

I have had cracked nipples for several years now. Bothe my general practitioner and the dermatologist she sent me to said the cracks happened from... READ MORE

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