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How Much Does It Cost for Flat Nipples to Be Fixed?

Im 16 years old and i am so insecure about my breast and nipples because 1. the are really small and 2. my left nipple is flat and only protrudes when... READ MORE

My Nipples Are Flat?

Im 16 years nipples are sometimes inverted and when i try to pull them out they become normal and erect..but after few mintues they become... READ MORE

Flat, puffy, inverted nipple? What to do? (Photo)

My nipple is so not aesthetically pleasing. I am an 18 year old female and I am not sexually active and never been pregnant. My right nipple has... READ MORE

Flat nipples, 34A. 17 years old. Is there anything I can do to make my nipples stick out? (Photo)

I'm 17 years old, and a 34a. I noticed when I was around 15. I got my nipples pierced thinking the piercing would make them stick out but it stood the... READ MORE

Can Flat Nipples That Were Once Inverted Be Corrected with Surgery?

I was born with inverted nipples that I've been highly self conscious about. I had nipple reconstruction done to fix them, but now they are just... READ MORE

Flat or inverted nipples? (Photo)

Are there simple surgeries to correct this? Also would i have to get it done seperate from the BA? Tia. READ MORE

I'm 15 years old, one of my nipples is puffy & sticks out as the other is flat. What procedure would you recommend to fix this?

I am 15, I have to loose a little weight, but I am at my average weight class. Since a child I have had a habit at touching my right nipple. Now as I... READ MORE

How to fix my inverted/flat nipples?

My nipples are absolutely flat, and do not ever poke out even if stimulated. I believe they are inverted. How can I get this fixed so they look... READ MORE

Flat Nipple Surgery?

I have flat nipples which have a tiny indent in the middle. I have been using the advent nipplette and supple cups religiously for a year. I'm not... READ MORE

Want to Get my Nipples Fixed?

I don't know what is wrong with my nipples I am 18 years old & flat chested, my nipples were never normal, they only protrude when stimulated or... READ MORE

How to fix my flat nipples & very large areola? (photos)

Previously have had a breast lift & implants but really want normal nipples! Thanks , also any recommendations for clinics in Belgium? READ MORE

I have grade one inverted nipples or "shy nipples". What is the surgery or method used to fix this? and What is the cost?

I am 21 and i was born with flat nipples, there is nothing there. However, when i become cold or my nipple area is stimulated my nipples come out and... READ MORE

Is the size of an areola hereditary?

I have large puffy areolas and flat nipples. My mom has larger areolas but they are not puffy and her nipples are erect. I was wondering if the way my... READ MORE

I had inverted nipple surgery & was left with weird visible scarring and creases. Is there a way it can look more normal?(photo)

It's been more than 2 years since I had inverted nipple surgery. They're not inverted now, but they're flat and have weird creases and scars. There is... READ MORE

Any suggestions on permanent erect nipples?

I hate the look of my nipples flat and prefer the erect nipple look, can anything be done to make them look permanently erect or improve their look?... READ MORE

Nipple Correction after Breast Augmentation from Breast Cancer (photo)

Two years and a half ago I got breast augmentatioin, due to breast cancer a while back I undergone breast mucosectomy in Nov 2011. After the procedure... READ MORE

Why did one of my nipples shrink and the other went flat?

I'm 14 years old and have always had permanently erect nipples but a few days ago something changed. One of my nipples got smaller then the other... READ MORE

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