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My left nipple is bigger than the right one. Is there anything wrong in it?

I am 16 year old girl. I have natural uneven nipples. Am i alright? Or is it a symptom of cancer? READ MORE

To What Extent Can my Areolas be Reduced?

I have very large areolas. My right areola is slightly larger, although my breasts are approximately the same size. I'm 23, 5'2'',... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for Flat Nipples to Be Fixed?

Im 16 years old and i am so insecure about my breast and nipples because 1. the are really small and 2. my left nipple is flat and only protrudes when... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Puffy Areolas?

I'm a 20 year old female, no kids. And I was considering puffy areola reduction. My areola is a little bit wider then a quarter in diameter.... READ MORE

How Can I Get Smaller Areolas Without the Puffiness?

I do not have tuberous breast, nor do I have kids. I wear a size D bra but my aerolas are always big and puffy, yet when they constrict they go from a... READ MORE

Areola and Nipple Repositioning After Breast Augmentation

Hi, I had breast augmentation a month and a half ago. My nipples and areola have always been asymmetrical, but now that I have breast implants, it's... READ MORE

Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon to Perform Areola Reduction Surgery?

I am looking to have areola reduction surgery and I don't want to leave with horrible bullseye scars around my nipples. I am looking for the best... READ MORE

Costs of Areola Reduction in Las Vegas and am I a Candidate?

I would also like to know what else can be done... Thank you! READ MORE

Is Areola Reduction Surgery a Good Idea in This Case?

I am 20 yrs, 100 lbs, no pregnancies, and have 30DD breasts with aerolas of ~6.5 cm. I am often annoyed with my breast size b/c it seems... READ MORE

Flat, puffy, inverted nipple? What to do? (Photo)

My nipple is so not aesthetically pleasing. I am an 18 year old female and I am not sexually active and never been pregnant. My right nipple has... READ MORE

How to Minimize Scarring After Areola Reduction Surgery?

20 yr old female, 36D no sag, areolas 6cm in diameter. My areolas stick out of my clothes and bras and it's embarrassing. It's hard to find... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Areola

To correct my tuberous breast, I had a fat transfer (08/28/10) and areola reduction (03/08/11)by two different surgeons at the same time, getting... READ MORE

Can I have my nipples permanently hard(erect)? Is there a procedure that will do this?

Hi Is there a procedure to make my nipples if so what is it called and who is best to do it ? I read fillers may do but it is there a better method... READ MORE

Nipple Surgery to Reduce Areola That Doubled in Size?

I'm 38 years old. I had my breast augmentation done back in 2005, but my areola have doubled its size. I'm considering an areola reduction but I'm not... READ MORE

Nipple Asymmetry Correction Okay if I Want to Have Children?

I had breast augmentation surgery four months ago. Prior to the surgery, I had slight nipple asymmetry. The left side was higher than the right. ... READ MORE

Possible Have Nipple Implants for More Realistic Appearance?

I had my nipples replaced with skin from my inner leg. They have very little fat and look like mounds. They are shaped like nipples but they don't... READ MORE

Lost Part of Areola After Surgery - How Can I Stretch it?

Missing most of 1 side of areola. Various things tried to stretch it. After each of 4 surgeries, the areola shrinks back as before & a belt of... READ MORE

What can be done to align my nipples? (Photos)

I had a mastopexy exactly 3 months ago and as you can see one nipple is lower than the other. Why has this happened and what can be done about it. My... READ MORE

Important need to know if my nipples are normal when this happens? (photo)

At room temperature my nipples are short of an oval shape with an inverted look when I'm cold my nipples turn hard and they look normal READ MORE

Are my areola too big/ too dark? (photo)

I have a son and I'm currently pregnant. I have partially inverted nipples. I am starting to become self conscious about my areola and nipples. I'm 19... READ MORE

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