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Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon to Perform Areola Reduction Surgery?

I am looking to have areola reduction surgery and I don't want to leave with horrible bullseye scars around my nipples. I am looking for the best... READ MORE

West Coast Nipple Reduction Doctor Recommendations

I'm looking for a doctor who can perform nipple surgery for my puffy nipple/areola. Can anyone recommend to me a doctor in the West Coast area?   READ MORE

How to fix my flat nipples & very large areola? (photos)

Previously have had a breast lift & implants but really want normal nipples! Thanks , also any recommendations for clinics in Belgium? READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor in LA That Can Get Rid of my Accessory Nipples

Its the summer and i hate going to the store & seeing 2 piece bathing suits. i have 7 accessory nipples i want to get rid of them as soon as... READ MORE

Can I get my extra nipples removed?

I'm 16 years old and am scared to wear a bikini because of my extra nipples. I have one at my upper rub cage area that seems to be the biggest one and... READ MORE

Male Long Nipple Surgery. Seeking recommendations for a board-certified plastic surgeon in the South Miami/Homestead, FL area.

Hello I am seeking recommendations for a board-certified plastic surgeon in the South Miami/Homestead, FL area. I would like to undergo a male nipple... READ MORE

Nipple Implants and Scarless Lift in Chicago?

475bag to 690.under the muscle.the problem is not my implants, it is the natural shape of my breast. i was a 32 b before any surgery. when my nipples... READ MORE

Inverted nipples. Good doctors and price quote? (Photos)

I'm 18 and both of my nipples are inverted. I'm looking into getting the corrective surgery. I am looking for good places to go in Virginia and a good... READ MORE

Are there doctors who can perform an areola reduction around the base of the nipple rather than around the areola? (Photo)

I am interested in a small reduction without altering or scarring the peri areolar area. One of my areolas is 0.5 cm larger than the other so i would... READ MORE

Any suggestions for inverted nipple?

Hi docter, I hv inverted nipple, I got ichiness and white fluids from there, I wanna check with this docter, plz suggest me best docter. READ MORE

Searching for a doctor who can help with nipple inversion correction? 2 failed attempts maybe the technique was flawed? (Photos)

I was born with inverted nipples . My areolas were tiny, about an inch in diameter, and the inverted nipples kind of looked like indented little... READ MORE

Canada Aereola Reduction Doctor Recommendations

I am considering getting aereola reduction. Is this a surgery offered in Canada? READ MORE

What is the average cost for protruding nipple reduction for men in NYC? (Photo)

I am a male and have protruding nipples. The areola is fine, it's just the nipple that would need to be smaller. I live in NYC and the few places who... READ MORE

Looking for a nipple scar revision specialist. Any suggestions?

I had a donut lift which stretced my areola and scarred it all around. I was told the reason was the semi permanent sutures. I need to find a dr who... READ MORE

Where can I get areola reduction surgery closest to me? I live in Marshalltown, Iowa.

I am 18 and i wouldnt like anyone to know about this. Im able to pay for it on my own. How do i get the surgery? Do i have to schedule an appointment... READ MORE

Have ANY doctors fixed nipples placed too high after breast lift or reduction surgery- HOW? Is there hope?

Is there any hope after nipples are placed too high? How do I find a doctor to correct me? Has anyone done this successfully? Also worried about... READ MORE

Aussie Girl - How do I find a second surgeon to correct my nipples after first surgeon does fix? (Photo)

I had the inverted nipple surgery done 3 years ago, which did not correct them. The surgeon, did a butterfly procedure, or a V incision, and has cut... READ MORE

Inverted nipple Doctor in Tampa or Orlando Florida area?

Hello! I am looking for a doctor who has extensive experience in preforming surgery for inverted nipples in the Tampa or Orlando area. I have grade 2... READ MORE

Nipples reduction in Aventura, FL?

I would like to have my nipples smaller because they are a bit bigger or larger during breast aug will that be complicated and expensive? I am from... READ MORE

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