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How can I have inverted nipples corrected? (photos)

I'm a mum of 3 and have gone under to have the nipple correction surgery. However it didn't correct them and the are ducts cut. They still invert. I... READ MORE

Is there a way to correct nipples that point away to the side so that they face forward instead? (photos)

I'm recently 40 and have always been dissatisfied with my breasts. I've begun researching breast augmentation and have found a wealth of information... READ MORE

Pectoralis Minor Underdevelopment

Hello, I have been told I have partial underdevelopment of the pectoralis minor muscle on only my left side, this causes the nipple to fall under the... READ MORE

Is there a way to breastfeed after an inverted nipple correction? (photo)

Hey, I have grade 3 inverted nipple and I was wondering if there was a technique for correcting them that I would be able to breastfeed afterwards, if... READ MORE

What options do I have for correction? (Photo)

I was born with a 3rd nipple under my right breast, and with 2 pregnancies it's grown into a milk-producing breast causing very uneven, and one... READ MORE

I have nipples that only come out with temperature changes. Is nipple correction safe with implants?

Hi. I have nipples that only come out when cold but wish they would stay out. Can nipples be corrected with implants. Or could this be a bad... READ MORE

What are my nipple correction possibilities? (photo)

My right nipple is not proportional to the other one. What would fix it because it made it impossible to breastfeed? Thanks READ MORE

Could my nipple be corrected? I'm 39 with no children (Photo)

Hi there, can this nipple be corrected? I'm 39 and don't have children (and don't want any). My other nipple is fine but as long as I can remember,... READ MORE

Nipple correction procedure? (Photo)

I'm unhappy with the appearance of my nipples when they are not erect and am considering a correction. From the research I've done I cannot tell if my... READ MORE

I recently had a botched nipple shortening procedure. Can this be corrected?

I am so upset with the results. I have absolutely no nipple at all now. READ MORE

Is removing the epithelialized cells from the tunnel created by a nipple piercing possible?

I've had my nipples pierced twice and it's left extra skin on both exit holes, as well as indents. Can those things be corrected by a plastic surgeon?... READ MORE

What is the scarring like when getting a bifid nipple (split nipple) corrected?

I'm a guy and have a bifid nipple and it's bothered me my whole life. I heard that to correct it the surgeon sews the two halves back together. Does... READ MORE

Nipple Correction after Breast Augmentation from Breast Cancer (photo)

Two years and a half ago I got breast augmentatioin, due to breast cancer a while back I undergone breast mucosectomy in Nov 2011. After the procedure... READ MORE

How Will They Repair my Nipple? (3 Weeks Post Bilat Nipple Eversion)

I'm kind of in a panic and it's a long weekend. I can't get in contact with my surgeon till Tuesday. I had inverted nipple eversion 3... READ MORE

Nipples look bigger than before correction surgery (photos)

I made the correction nipple since a week ago Im worried now that my nipples is bigger.than before. my question is did is a normal in beginning to... READ MORE

What is the name of the procedure used to correct flat (not inverted) nipples?

My nipples blend into my areola (they are flat and only respond by raising very slightly to stimuli or cold water/air) and I would like them to be... READ MORE

Aussie Girl - How do I find a second surgeon to correct my nipples after first surgeon does fix? (Photo)

I had the inverted nipple surgery done 3 years ago, which did not correct them. The surgeon, did a butterfly procedure, or a V incision, and has cut... READ MORE

Can I breast feed after inverted nipple correction?

I have grade 3 inverted nipples and want to get surgery asap, however I want to breast feed when I do have kids is this possible? I have always had... READ MORE

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