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Left Nipple Has Become Inverted

For the past week everytime I remove my bra I notice that my left nipple is inverted but once the bra is removed the nipple starts coming out again. I... READ MORE

Random inverted nipple: Causes?

On two occasions in the past month i have noticed my left nipple has been inverted. It returns to normal after a small squeeze, no coaxing at all.... READ MORE

Could Weight Loss, Stress and Anxiety Have Caused my Inverted Nipple?

I havent always had it but its been months im already scheduled to see a doctor but am very curious and worried as i kno it sometimes is a sign of... READ MORE

Hard Area Under Right Areola, What Could it Be?

My partner has a hard area underneath her right aerola which seems to have come on overnight. She says it is painful and also has an inverted nipple... READ MORE

Causes and treatments for herniated areolas?

What are the causes for areolas to become herniated? Also what are all of the different treatments that help fix them? I don't like the idea of having... READ MORE

What is the cause of a cleft nipple? One of my nipples has a small line through it but the other one doesn't (Photo)

I don't really want to get surgery is there anything else I can do ? Naturally ? I'm a male aswell 18 years old They both stick out a lot to :/ READ MORE

Doctors i really need help. I have puffy nipples since i was 12 and dont know how to get rid of it. (photo)

Ive had these puffy nipples since i was 13 years old. Is this a cause of puberty or something else? My weight is normal and everything but i tried... READ MORE

What could these black flecks on my nipples be? (Photo)

Black flecks around my nipple, on my nipple, that won't go away. they won't come off, and I can't feel any abnormal lumps. They aren't sore, I'm 22,... READ MORE

What is the cause of redness around my nipples from nipple repositioning surgery? (photos)

I am really concerned about the redness that comes and goes around my nipples. They said originally that it was fungal related from the sutures... READ MORE

What causes bulging nipples in men?

My chest (around my nipples) sometimes gets pointy and bulges out. This usually happens when I'm getting hot. The bulge disappears when I'm getting... READ MORE

Puffy areola after inverted nipple and nipple reduction surgery; no contour issues before surgery?

A few weeks after surgery I developed hard lumps under each areola. My surgeon said it would soften and disappear in a few months; it did. However, as... READ MORE

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