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Can Anything Be Done for Puffy Nipples?

I am 19 and have, in my opinion, underdeveloped nipples. One is relatively larger than the other and they are both puffy with no actual distinction... READ MORE

How Are Nipples Repositioned?

I had a Breast Lift with Breast Implants 3 months ago, 6/29. My surgeon mentioned revising my nipples by repositioning them more towards the center of... READ MORE

Areola and Nipple Repositioning After Breast Augmentation

Hi, I had breast augmentation a month and a half ago. My nipples and areola have always been asymmetrical, but now that I have breast implants, it's... READ MORE

Cost of Areola Reduction with Local Anesthesia in Las Vegas

I am in Las Vegas, and am a 31 year old female with a moderate degree of ptosis and a large areolas. At this point I am only interested in areola... READ MORE

Nipple Surgery Scar Concerns

I am 24 years old and have always had slightly larger than normal areolas and tear drop shaped "slightly snoopy" breasts. I have looked into... READ MORE

Nipple Surgery to Reduce Areola That Doubled in Size?

I'm 38 years old. I had my breast augmentation done back in 2005, but my areola have doubled its size. I'm considering an areola reduction but I'm not... READ MORE

Can You Have Nipple Surgery Without Removing the Breast Implants?

I got over the muscle saline Breast implants 7 years ago and after I got it noticed that my nipples are uneven, looked at before pics and they have... READ MORE

Possible Have Nipple Implants for More Realistic Appearance?

I had my nipples replaced with skin from my inner leg. They have very little fat and look like mounds. They are shaped like nipples but they don't... READ MORE

If I get an areola reduction, will my breast lift a little more? (Photo)

My breast are droopy and separated, but because I have huge areolas. They are very light, but the large size makes the separation and droopy look to... READ MORE

I have high nipples 8 months post breast reduction. Is there any way to get them lowered?

Hi, i had a breast reduction surgery 8 months ago and was left with abnormally high nipples. is there any way to get them lowered? thanks. READ MORE

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