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Can Breastfeeding Cause the Areola to Change Shape?

Does breastfeeding cause the areola to change shape or look deformed?  READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Correct my Grade 3 Inverted Nipples While Possibly Maintaining the Ability to Breastfeed and my Sensitivity?

I am 27 years old and have no children. I have always had grade 3 inverted nipples; they never protrude even manually. First, I would like to know... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Puffy Areolas?

I'm a 20 year old female, no kids. And I was considering puffy areola reduction. My areola is a little bit wider then a quarter in diameter.... READ MORE

Filler for Flat Nipples?

My nipples are kinda flat, I wouldn't say inverted, just flat. I really don't want to do surgery. Is there a filler that can be injected under the... READ MORE

Inverted Nipple?

I noticed after I stopped breast feeding my son at 18 months, he's now almost 3, that my right nipple became inverted. I can, with very little help,... READ MORE

Random inverted nipple: Causes?

On two occasions in the past month i have noticed my left nipple has been inverted. It returns to normal after a small squeeze, no coaxing at all.... READ MORE

Will the Areola Size Get Back to It's Normal Shape After Stopping Breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, the areola changed in color and became too large and uneven. Will this go back to pre-breastfeeding shape? READ MORE

What are my options for sagging nipples after breastfeeding?

I've nursed four children and each one of them would pull against the breast while latched on. It caused them to stretch significantly. With my first... READ MORE

One of my nipples is absolutely abnormal, what is this? (photo)

I am in my early 20s, and have never had any breast surgery. I am naturally busty but it's my left nipple that's causing me to feel down about myself.... READ MORE

What Risks Are Associated by Doing JUST Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Hi I am considering doing nipple reduction surgery, I have small breasts 34B but I don’t want to get breast implants. My question is by doing just n... READ MORE

What are my options to normalize inverted nipples with montgomery glands? (photos)

I have a grade 1 inverted right nipple (comes out spontaneously) and grade 2 left nipple. I also have lots of visible montgomery glands. I'm using... READ MORE

Increasing nipple size and breast feeding

How to increase my nipple size for feeding? how to increase my breast feeding? READ MORE

Is there a way to breastfeed after an inverted nipple correction? (photo)

Hey, I have grade 3 inverted nipple and I was wondering if there was a technique for correcting them that I would be able to breastfeed afterwards, if... READ MORE

Inverted nipples or something else? (photos)

My nipples have been this way for as long as I can remember. Now I am pregnant and I am worried that I will not be able to breast feed. My left breast... READ MORE

Does Accessory Nipple Removal Affect Breastfeeding?

I will be having accessory nipples by the armpit removed but I would like to know if this can affect me breastfeeding my kids later on. Will I not be... READ MORE

Should I get my areolas reduce? (photos)

When I got my breasts implants my lift through my areolas which reduce the size of them. I was extremely happy.I ended up having a baby after,I breast... READ MORE

Can excess nipple or breast skin be removed even if I'm past 50 years old?

I breastfed my three children, the 3rd for 2 years. Now 13 years later I Iost weight. My nipples and breasts now have excess skin, one nipple was... READ MORE

Worried about nipple reduction scarring, breast feeding issues, overall candidacy, possible need for BA scar revision. (photo)

I'm considering nipple reduction to reduce diameter, length, & droop. Concerns include (1)future breastfeeding, (2)potential scarring (what do nipple... READ MORE

Nipple Feels Detached from my Breast

I have noticed that one nipple seems to be fully detached from my breast- I can pull it fully away from the breast and feel no attachment in anyway- I... READ MORE

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