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Nipple Revision After Breast Lift and Augmentation

I had my surgery on 3/11/10 a lift with augmentation. since then my left seems to be larger than my right and my nipple placement is off which it was... READ MORE

What Would You Do to Fix Areola Stretching and Uneven Nipple Heights After Vertical Breast Lift?

1st: 3/22/11, ABPS surgeon, implants only. Had DB on left & lrg. pocket let left implant fall in armpit and across chest to right side and lft... READ MORE

Nipple Asymmetry Correction Okay if I Want to Have Children?

I had breast augmentation surgery four months ago. Prior to the surgery, I had slight nipple asymmetry. The left side was higher than the right. ... READ MORE

How to Center 14 Year Old Sons Nipple?

My 14 Yr Old Sons Left Nipple is off Center and Points Down--since Birth. How Do We Fix? My sons left nipple is off center and points down. He is... READ MORE

How to Get Same Size Breasts But Asymmetric Nipples?

What Procedure Would You Recommend for (Roughly!) Same Sized Breasts but with One Nipple and Areola Higher Than the Other? READ MORE

Is my Nipple and Areola Repairable? The Obvious Asymmetry Has Affected my Self Esteem a Lot. (photo)

I'm not sure whether my nipple & areola have always looked like this, or if this emerged during puberty. For as long as I can remember, I've been... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for areola reduction? (photos)

I am 21 years old, never been pregnant, approximately 135 pounds. I have been disgusted and insecure with my breasts for as long as I can remember.... READ MORE

I am 31 and pregnant with my 3rd and final child. I have always been a bit asymmetrical, with one larger areola. (photo)

Do I need a lift? Can my areola be corrected and how?. Is there anything to do for nipples that do not react to stimulus?. My ultimate goal is... READ MORE

I took my perfect circles for granted. What can I do to revise my asymmetrical areolas? (photos)

I'm very happy with the lift and thrilled I don't have scars, but I am in satisfied with the new shape of my left areola. My PS warned me this could... READ MORE

Could I qualify for nipple reduction? (photo)

I'm extremely insecure about the size of my areola and how my breasts are asymmetrical. Do I qualify for nipple reduction? READ MORE

Nipple correction in regards to inversion and Montgomery glands? What can be done? (photos)

This is quite embarrassing, but one of my nipples is completely unsymmetrical to the other "normal" one because of an issue with (semi) inversion, as... READ MORE

Can I have surgery to even out the height of my nipples? (photos)

I have 10+ year old silicone gel implants with grade 3 CC so need a capsulectomy and replacement implants. For my first BA I asked the surgeon to... READ MORE

I'm 26 years with asymmetrical aerolas, is it possible to get paramedical tattooing done to make them look equal? (photos)

My left one is smaller than my right. I'm worried that I would need a lift or something drastic to fix it READ MORE

Is there a procedure to create more symmetrical nipples? I have one nipple I love. The other, I hate (Photo)

I like my right nipple and would like to have my left nipple match it. What is the cost of a procedure like this? My left is puffy, the skin on the... READ MORE

What is the cost and procedure to reduce the size of one areola?

I have one areola which is not symmetric to the other. It is puffy, larger and not circular like the other one. I am wondering what the cost would be... READ MORE

Can I just have new nipples made?

Since my breasts are very asymmetric, to help them look more symmetric can I have a nipple reconstruction procedure done? READ MORE

Nipple Height Asymmetry After Nipple Sparing Mastectomy?

Hi, i had a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy last summer. I had tissue expanders in for 3 months. One nipple always seemed higher than the other by... READ MORE

Short Nipple After Breast Reduction. Non Surgical Options?

I am 25 and had a breast reduction 3yrs ago. My nipples were left attached in surgery. However now one of my nipples has a little less feeling, sits... READ MORE

Interested in Areola Reduction?

Hello, I am interested in an areola reduction. My right areola is about 2.5 inches while my left areola is 2 inches. I have been doing some research... READ MORE

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