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Is Areola Reduction Surgery a Good Idea in This Case?

I am 20 yrs, 100 lbs, no pregnancies, and have 30DD breasts with aerolas of ~6.5 cm. I am often annoyed with my breast size b/c it seems... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Areola

To correct my tuberous breast, I had a fat transfer (08/28/10) and areola reduction (03/08/11)by two different surgeons at the same time, getting... READ MORE

Is a lift through areola on just one side worth it?

Surgeon suggested a lift to one side to correct nipple asymmetry . It also points down slightly . Can't remember the lift name but it was the t shape... READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get nipple/areola repair?

I've been thinking about a nipple repairment for about a year now. What I would want done would be to fix my grade 3 inverted nipples and/or areola... READ MORE

My nipple has deflated after areola incision?

My got an areola incision and I figured after the surgery my nipple will go back to normal in a few month. However my nipple has not gone back to... READ MORE

Why is my scar still red almost 2 years later? (photo)

Is it normal to have bright red scars almost 2 years after surgery? I have on both breasts around areola and also under breast is still red. What can... READ MORE

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