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Is This Healing Normal After Areola Reduction?

I had an areola reduction a three weeks ago and im not sure if my nipple is healing like it's supposed to. there are some visible holes that dont seem... READ MORE

What Do I Do About an Infected Incision? (photo)

I am waiting to hear from my PS. I had an areola reduction three weeks ago. I had the stitches removed last week and he noted that part was slightly... READ MORE

Is This an Abnormal Nipple Surgery Scar?

My one nipple is perfect. but the other one has a scar around the bottom of the areola raised to about half the height of the nipple. From the scar to... READ MORE

Nipple reconstruction - third time?

Hi, I had an areola reduction 3 weeks ago, and the result of the left nipple, was much more oval and lager than the other. A year ago i had another... READ MORE

Hole in areola 3 weeks post areola reduction is this normal? (photo)

I thought my right areola was simply healing slower than my left but today I was massaging it (gently) and white puss came out (no odor) and then it... READ MORE

Nipple looks like it was cut incorrectly

Is it normal to have one nipple looks like it is not round and like it was cut incorrectly Like one side of it has like straight instead of being... READ MORE

Nipple revision. What can I do at this time to help things recover well enough? (Photo)

Stitches pulling away after having nipples revision, scar is widened.. I am three weeks post op.. What can I do at this time to help things recover... READ MORE

18 days post op of Nipple Correction surgery. What could cause it to be re-inverted again?

I had an inverted nipple correction on 6/3/14 my PS put a wire type thing through my nipples and folded them upward for 1 week & downward for the... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. Is it normal my areolas look like this? (Photo)

I had revision of my areola scars 3 weeks ago and worried the scars look worse then before. I had areola reduction initially then revision of the... READ MORE

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