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Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

I would like to know the best filler for the neck, and the lines on each side of the mouth. READ MORE

How Long to Wait Before Neck Lift Revision?

I had a neck lift 3 weeks ago and under my chin is more wrinkled then before and I have hard lumps that I can see and feel. I had lipo and the muscle... READ MORE

At what age do women normally start getting crepey neck? (Photo)

At what age do women normally start getting crepey neck? I'm about to turn 38 and a couple of months ago my neck started developing delicate, verical... READ MORE

Doctor Ruined my Neck and Jaw Line What Happened? (photo)

I had a neck lift a little over 6 weeks ago at age 50 and it keeps getting worse on right side and in center and chin. At 3 weeks I had 3 lines in the... READ MORE

My Neck Looks Wrinkly and The Muscles Tighten Up When I Speak. What Can I Do? (photo)

I am a 41 year old female and only a year ago I started to see how my neck muscles tighten up and when I'm speaking, and my neck looks so wrinkly.... READ MORE

I have deep wrinkles and a turkey neck. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My face looks like a road map.... especially on one side (side I sleep on). I am 68 and look a lot older. my turkey neck is ugly.I have attached 2... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove a 20 year old's excessive neck wrinkles?

I am twenty years old and have wrinkles worse than my grandma. It's my biggest insecurity. Do you know what causes them to occur in someone my age?... READ MORE

What happened to my neck? And can it be fixed? (Photo)

Surgery was 3-1/2 months ago. Went to 3 month check up and ask the PS what was going on with my neck and if lipo was done. His reply was he did... READ MORE

Crepey/Loose neck skin in 20s. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 25yo female. I have (slowly) lost about 60 lbs in the past year and i recently noticed my neck skin is incredibly crepey and loose. I am an... READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Neck Tuck? It Has Been Four Years and Starting to Sag. (photo)

It has been 4 years since surgery and though I still look good my neck is wrinkling again. PS agrees and recommends a tuck, free of charge. However I... READ MORE

Wrinkly Skin in Neck from Steroids?

I am 42 but look younger. I am 110 lbs. and 5'6". I have battled eczema my entire life. I noticed recently that the center of my lower neck looks... READ MORE

How to fix skin adhesions in neck after platysmaplasty?

I’ve had two platysmaplasties now; the second one was done to correct a cobra deformity from excessive removal of subplatysmal fat that happened a... READ MORE

Are incision that extends into nape of neck scalp necessary to get the best lift of lateral and lower neck?

I see that many face lifts, with neck lift, limit incisions to the back of ear only but I also often see that older patients or ones with full/heavy... READ MORE

What procedure should I have to improve sagging skin on my neck? (photos)

My neck appearance is horrifying! The skin is sagging and wrinkled. I do not have a huge budget for this but my self esteem is so bad I no longer want... READ MORE

What cosmetic procedures do you suggest I do? I am especially worried about sagging. jowl area and wrinkles! (photos)

I am recently married and to be honest, very disappointed with the way I looked on my wedding day. I look tired and unhappy, which is not how I... READ MORE

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