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Need Advice for Treatment Worsening Neck Cords? (photo)

I am a 48 year old woman, slender and in good health, Had Ultherapy in April and was NOT IMPRESSED with results. Thought skin would become more taut... READ MORE

Necklift and Muscle Tightening Without an Incision Under the Chin - Is This Possible?

Is it possible to have a necklift with muscles tightened without making an incision under the chin? How much must the incision be? Thank you. READ MORE

How Can I Get the Area Under my Chin and Neck Tighter? (photo)

I am 33 years old and I would like the area under my chin to be tighter and a more defined jaw line. The bottom part of my face seems too pudgy and... READ MORE

Concerned About Doctors Suggested Approach to Neck Lift Revision

3 month visit to the Dr today. He agreed to a revision & suggested that the appearance that I have is due to fat left under the skin. He wants to... READ MORE

Can the platysmaplasty be done without the mid face lift, or should they be done together? (photo)

I have gone to 2 PS to ask about a neck lift, and both focused on my face, suggesting a MACS and if I needed the muscles in the neck tightened, they... READ MORE

Can I Just Get the Platsymal/corset-tightening Neck Lift Done on Its Own, Without a Facelift?

I already had a mini-facelift 4 years ago and it's holding well. During that surgery, my doctor also performed a little liposuction under my chin... READ MORE

Affordable ways to tighten neck, lower face? (photos)

I'm a fit, healthy 46 this September. I didn't notice any real signs of aging until recently. Smiling head on I look almost the same I did in my late... READ MORE

In a Neck Lift, can you help me understand how skin is lifted & removed using incisions under the chin and behind the ear only?

I am trying to visualise how skin is tightened/removed without using incisions in front of the ear. If a submental incision and post-auricular... READ MORE

5 Years Post Neck Lift, Can I Get the Skin Tightened Without Muscle Tightening?

I had a life lift neck lift about 5 years ago. Can I get the skin tightened again without tightening the muscle also? The muscle still feels tight but... READ MORE

Do you think that a neck lift or chin lipo would be the best for my neck, chin, jowls area? (photo)

I would like to have my chin/neck/jowl area be a little less flabby and tighter. I went to see a plastic surgeon for chin lipo, and he said that I... READ MORE

What to Do First and What Last for Best Results: Neck Lipo, Ulthera, Radiesse?

I am 31 and not a candidate for a lower facelift. I need just very little liposuction of the neck and jawls (2 years after a platysmaplasty and... READ MORE

12 days post op, submandibular glands are already starting to sag after neck lifts. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days post-op and have worn a neck brace every day and night. I did the neck lift as my submandibular glands were hanging very low. My surgeon... READ MORE

Is there a relatively simple procedure for tightening the neck and chin skin?

I have had a "Quick Lift" two years ago and a second surgery a "Submentoplasty" one year ago however no skin excised. In just a short time I have... READ MORE

What is the best option for me to tighten up my neck, jawline and jowls? (Photo)

I believe I look great for my age, I'm 39. The only area of my face I do not like is along my lower face, jawline. Because of my anatomy I feel as... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Neck Lift Without Skin Tightening?

I am relatively young with excellent skin quality but my neck seems to blend in with my chin. I don't have much fat and have a slightly receding chin... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for neck lift surgery? (photos)

I considering neck lift surgery to tightehn my neck and jowls. I just went for a consultation and was quoted $14,000.00 from a nyc plastic surgeon. I... READ MORE

Am I ready for a necklift? (photos)

I am tired of Botox in my neck, which doesn't work for the crepiness that is beginning to appear. I have gotten several consultations which were all... READ MORE

Did I damage the platysmaplasty by pulling on it looking upwards? (photos)

Hi. I had a corset platysmaplasty three weeks ago, along with an S lift. Very pleased. Just worried that I might have done some damage by looking way... READ MORE

Regarding a neck lift; while I lose weight and save money for surgery, would binding tighten or make the neck more loose?(photo)

My neck looks as the photo with the relaxed neck. My question is regarding binding of the neck muscles and fat deposits. For example- after having a... READ MORE

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