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Neck Lift: Better to Cut over Active Platysma Band, or Tie Bands Together? Under the Chin?

In the case of neck "bands", it appears popular technique is to tie bands together in a corset method. I've also heard of a few surgeons... READ MORE

Can You Compare the Vertical Incision to Remove a Turkey Wattle with a Mini Facelift? (photo)?

I was told there were two procedures to chose from to elimanate my turkey wattle? A mini face lift with a 40% improvement for $7500 OR the vertical... READ MORE

Tracheotomy Scars and Neck Lift?

What kind of procedures would be good for patients who want a tracheotomy scar removed and a neck lift? Is Botox an option? READ MORE

Fix Small Amount of Extra Skin on my Neck W Incisions Bhind the Ear, No Messing W/ Muscle, Possible?

I am thin with good muscle tone, and 36. I just want to tighten some excess skin that sags at the front of my throat/ under chin after loosing weight.... READ MORE

Looking for a Dr in Jersey Who Has Experience in Doing the Scarless Platysmalplasty?

This is the info I found, sounds interesting since their is no cutting under the chin READ MORE

Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face? I Do Not Want a Lower Face Lift. (photo)

I had a mini (lifestyle lift) three years ago and am perfectly happy with my face..however the nck part was not addressed at all. Iwant my neck... READ MORE

My Neck, Masseter and Submandibular Muscles Are Very Prominent. What Do You Recommend?

But my skin is not loose. During a platysmaplasty are any muscles ever removed to smooth out and balance the face? READ MORE

Skin Only Neck Lift, and Incisions?

I have loose skin in the center of my neck, but face is firm with little/no jowling. After many consultations I met with a respected b.certified p.... READ MORE

Is a "Plicatio of Platysma" the Same Thing As a Platysmaplasty? Please Describe the Procedure.

What, specifically, is done in a platysmaplasty? If there are several methods, please explain each. Which is most popular? Which version of this... READ MORE

What Happens to Skin After Giampappa Stitch Removal?

Hi Looking for information on the Giampappa Stitch what happens to the skin if this has to be removed? READ MORE

Wide incision scars and technique?

Are widened white scars always a sign of poor technique? I found a surgeon I like for revision, but on one of his face lift patients I noticed the ear... READ MORE

Why is it necessary to do a Z incision below the chin when performing the neck lift?

What kind of incisions are made with a neck lift? When is a Z shape incision made. Is a partial facelift with a neck lift preferable to result in less... READ MORE

Is it standard procedure to cut off excess skin when performing a neck lift only (not lower face lift)?

I have had multiple consultations with surgeons regarding a neck lift and have gotten different answers regarding removing excess skin for a neck lift... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Surgical Technique Used to Get a Defined Jawline and Clean Neck Lift 'Dog Ears'?

I am in need of a THIRD surgery to correct the problem with dog ears on my neck and define my jawline. My original surgeon did a correction and he... READ MORE

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