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What is the Cost of a Direct or Isolated Submentoplasty?

I am thin, do not have a lot of hanging skin on my neck, just directly under my chin I have some loose skin that I can only see in certain lights and... READ MORE

Submental Lipectomy. Pros Vs Cons? Can you help me understand what risks I am taking?

Submental Lipectomy. Pros Vs Cons? Can you help me understand what risks I am taking. I am a 33 year old male. Approximately 5-9 and 195lbs. I have a... READ MORE

Can an over Tight Platysmal Transection Be Released?

I had a platysma transection done five years ago, which I never asked for, and have lived with extreme tightness and choking sensations around the... READ MORE

5 days post Neck Lift, Platysmaplasty, Submental Liposuction, I'm starting to have swelling & pain on both sides of neck. photo

Below the ear I'm thinking in the lymph node area. Is this normal or should I contact my doctor? It hurts to turn head far left or right it's kinda in... READ MORE

My PS Recommends a "Submental Lipectomy with Plicatio of Platysma" for my Neck Waddle. Is This Successful Without Removing Skin?

I can find no mention of these procedures being done without also tightening the skin over them. 1. I am concerned that skin will sag if no skin is... READ MORE

Does anyone have an opinion on a submental excision?

Googling (+ DR who suggested) tell me a submental excision is very rare, but recommended . Another DR suggested ultherapy. I had ultherapy once, 18... READ MORE

In a Neck Lift, can you help me understand how skin is lifted & removed using incisions under the chin and behind the ear only?

I am trying to visualise how skin is tightened/removed without using incisions in front of the ear. If a submental incision and post-auricular... READ MORE

Neck Lipo or Platysmaplasty or "Neck Lift"? Pros and Cons?

34 y.o. M actor with submental fat. DR 1 said neck lipo. Dr. 2 said that people really platysmaplasty/muscles tightened. Dr 3 said that his "neck... READ MORE

Am I ready for a necklift? (photos)

I am tired of Botox in my neck, which doesn't work for the crepiness that is beginning to appear. I have gotten several consultations which were all... READ MORE

What is the correct placement of the submental incision for platysmaplasty in order to avoid further double chin deformities?

Most surgeons seem to place it in the 'natural crease' to try to hide the scar, but this often emphasises the bulge below, creating an 'extra' double... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a raised, ropy, vertical cord under the skin from Adam's Apple to submental scar after platysmaplasty?

Corset platysmaplasty was performed as part of full facelift (also incisions in front and behind ears). A year later could still feel hard, ropy,... READ MORE

Is an isolated platysmaplasty an option??

I have a small amount of submental fat and a vertical band. There is some skin laxity but I think part of the bulk is due to platysmal banding but... READ MORE

How to fix fat deficiency in submental triangle? (Photo)

I had FL/NL done in May 2014. I was left with a fat deficiency in the submental triangle which my surgeon tried to fix with FT in Dec. 2014. It is now... READ MORE

Direct submental excision neck lift scar is raised and red. (Photo)

In Mid November I had a Direct submental excision neck lift. I am currently 14 weeks post op. In December my Doc injected Kenalog. I still have a... READ MORE

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