Submental + Neck Lift

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What is the Cost of a Direct or Isolated Submentoplasty?

I am thin, do not have a lot of hanging skin on my neck, just directly under my chin I have some loose skin that I can only see in certain lights and... READ MORE

Submental Lipectomy. Pros Vs Cons? Can you help me understand what risks I am taking?

Submental Lipectomy. Pros Vs Cons? Can you help me understand what risks I am taking. I am a 33 year old male. Approximately 5-9 and 195lbs. I have a... READ MORE

Can an over Tight Platysmal Transection Be Released?

I had a platysma transection done five years ago, which I never asked for, and have lived with extreme tightness and choking sensations around the... READ MORE

My PS Recommends a "Submental Lipectomy with Plicatio of Platysma" for my Neck Waddle. Is This Successful Without Removing Skin?

I can find no mention of these procedures being done without also tightening the skin over them. 1. I am concerned that skin will sag if no skin is... READ MORE

5 days post Neck Lift, Platysmaplasty, Submental Liposuction, I'm starting to have swelling & pain on both sides of neck. photo

Below the ear I'm thinking in the lymph node area. Is this normal or should I contact my doctor? It hurts to turn head far left or right it's kinda in... READ MORE

Does anyone have an opinion on a submental excision?

Googling (+ DR who suggested) tell me a submental excision is very rare, but recommended . Another DR suggested ultherapy. I had ultherapy once, 18... READ MORE

In a Neck Lift, can you help me understand how skin is lifted & removed using incisions under the chin and behind the ear only?

I am trying to visualise how skin is tightened/removed without using incisions in front of the ear. If a submental incision and post-auricular... READ MORE

How to fix fat deficiency in submental triangle? (Photo)

I had FL/NL done in May 2014. I was left with a fat deficiency in the submental triangle which my surgeon tried to fix with FT in Dec. 2014. It is now... READ MORE

Is an isolated platysmaplasty an option??

I have a small amount of submental fat and a vertical band. There is some skin laxity but I think part of the bulk is due to platysmal banding but... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a raised, ropy, vertical cord under the skin from Adam's Apple to submental scar after platysmaplasty?

Corset platysmaplasty was performed as part of full facelift (also incisions in front and behind ears). A year later could still feel hard, ropy,... READ MORE

Neck Lipo or Platysmaplasty or "Neck Lift"? Pros and Cons?

34 y.o. M actor with submental fat. DR 1 said neck lipo. Dr. 2 said that people really platysmaplasty/muscles tightened. Dr 3 said that his "neck... READ MORE

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