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Tracheotomy Scars and Neck Lift?

What kind of procedures would be good for patients who want a tracheotomy scar removed and a neck lift? Is Botox an option? READ MORE

I Second Platysmaplasty Done and I Still Have Prominent Banding, What Can I Do?

The 1st procedure was done with a LSL procedure(scars behind and around the ears),with the platysmaplasty scar under the chin. The 2nd procedure was... READ MORE

Only 36 and so unhappy with my neck. What procedure would you recommend to smooth my neck line and eliminate neck bands? (Photo)

Neck bands present at rest. No extreme weight loss/gain, no previous procedures. Just unlucky and so self conscious. My goal would be to have a... READ MORE

My platysma muscles have separated and the tendons in my neck are ugly when I smile. I'm only 47, why has this happened? (Photo)

Is there a procedure I can have that will repair the platysma? If so, what is the cost and will it leave scarring? The scar from thyroid surgery I had... READ MORE

Should my Neck Look Like an Elephant Post Op After Face/neck Lift? (photo)

See pics. It's so ugly, but non board certified plastic surgeon says it's normal. Is it true? I'm only 48 and didn't really need a face/neck lift, in... READ MORE

Can my scars and my neck lift be repaired? (photo)

Hi I had a neck lift. Very bad result. 2 years post surgery. My wounds were open for 20 days. doctor approved the oral corticosteroids I had been... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Face/neck Lift Chin Scar Be Seriously Pronounced 3 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

The dr removed dissolvable stitches after 10 days and said to use scar cream 2x day. Day 15 he advised gentle massage. Then, it started to puss so he... READ MORE

I Had a Herniated Muscle in my Neck. The Doctor Thought It Was a Lymph Node and Removed the Lymph Node? (photo)

The lymph node was removed I still had the same bump that would protrude from under my neck. I went to a different doctor and was told that it was a... READ MORE

My Neck Revision Has Created a Thicker Scar and Redness? (photo)

My neck revision has created a thicker scar that can almost be seen looking straight ahead. it is a month old. Below that area it is red colored skin.... READ MORE

Concerned About Scarring with Skin-only Neck Lift Incisons?

I have a slim neck, am 53, very fit, no jowling, no fat, but excess crepey mid-neck skin. After 5 consults w/ respected b.c. p. surgeons, consensus is... READ MORE

I have scarring behind my ears after a mini neck lift - no difference after scar revision. Can it be fixed by another PS?

I had a mini neck lift 7months ago. Behind my ears, the skin is pinkish red and you can see pulled white skin beyond my ears and below the earlobes... READ MORE

Neck lift, will there be scaring?

I am a 57 year old male . And I am bald and i want to know if the scars from a neck lift will be more visible I have no hairline can I still have the... READ MORE

How to improve my side profile? Do i need a neck lift/platysmoplasty/liposuction/chin implant? (photo)

I'm 22 years old, and I've always had a laxity in my neck. I also lost and gained a lot of weight, so that might have something to do with it. I know... READ MORE

Is an isolated platysmaplasty an option??

I have a small amount of submental fat and a vertical band. There is some skin laxity but I think part of the bulk is due to platysmal banding but... READ MORE

Had neck lift performed and concerned with under ear scarring. (Photo)

I had a neck lift 5 months prior to these pictures. The PS did not remove much fat via lipo, so the results are modest but ok. The problem is it... READ MORE

What the difference is between a lower neck lift and lower facelift?

I.E. Scarring. In a lower neck lift, is the scar under the chin and from the back of the ear around the top of the ear and ending inside same? Is... READ MORE

Is there one procedure that can address four problems in neck? (photos)

I am 1 yr post FL/NL. Also, at 6 mos post-op a FT was done to address over-excision of subplatysmal fat. The following problems persist: concavity... READ MORE

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