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Fillers After Face Lift?

I had a Face Lift and Neck Lift 2 months ago. Fat injections were also part of the Face Lift. I had a complication where one cheek got swollen and the... READ MORE

I Want to Have a Neck Lift but Afraid of Anesthesia. How Dangerous Is It?

I've had anesthesia before for neccesary reasons but i'm scared of it for non-neccesary procedures. How dangerous is it? READ MORE

Best Type of Neck Lift for a Female in Mid 20s? Is It Too Young for a Neck Lift to Correct a Hereditary Low Hyoid Bone? (photo)

I have never had a neck angle. I thought liposuction would help but after seeing several Board Certified surgeons, it is clear the main problem is a... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Facial Nerve Injury After A Neck Tuck? (photo)

I have numbness around the perimeter of my face for the last 4 years and my neck is drooping. Dr. is willing to do a neck tuck, should I take a chance... READ MORE

Neck Lift Safe?

I worry about risking my life - have had two mild MI's, cancer and life-threatening septicemia. But I'm healthy! I screen my photos so the sagging... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned about the Risk of Necrosis After Revision Neck Surgery?

I am having a revision neck lift (had platysmal tightening) It has been 9 months since my surgery and the revision will be in two months. The ps said... READ MORE

What Are The Risks To Revison Necklift?

I had facelift/necklift 1 year ago. I had vy plasty to remove some excess skin under chin 7 months ago. My dr. wants to now do a revision of the neck.... READ MORE

Neck Lift - Risk of Damage to Permanent Suture w/ Boxing?

I am interested in a mini necklift, which involves permanent sutures near the ear to hold up the SMAS. I box as a hobby and have concern about the... READ MORE

My anterior platysma muscle is separating. My doctor recommends repairing the muscle with no lift. What are the risks?

Turkey neck runs in my family and I'm pretty young to be developing one. My platysma muscles are separating down the center of my neck What is causing... READ MORE

Is a corset platysmaplasty via under chin incision the gold standard for improving an aging neck with skin banding? (Photo)

If I'm considering a lower face and neck lift should I be insisting on a corset platysmaplasty via an under chin incision based on the aging evident... READ MORE

Regarding a neck lift; while I lose weight and save money for surgery, would binding tighten or make the neck more loose?(photo)

My neck looks as the photo with the relaxed neck. My question is regarding binding of the neck muscles and fat deposits. For example- after having a... READ MORE

What are the risks of complications/long term pain associated with a neck lift?

I understand that for 2-3 weeks I may experience discomfort, tingling, pain, etc. What is my percent chance of the tingling, pain, etc continuing on... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of banding and fat on my neck?

If I lose weight will that help? I am 25 pounds over weight. Also, I have been to several plastic surgeons and asked about a neck lift and received no... READ MORE

Removal of left and right Submandibular glands for better aesthetic neck lift results.

I had a platysmaplasty approx 2 years ago. Shortly after the surgery, my submandibular glands are very noticeable and take much away from the results... READ MORE

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