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How Should I Look 2 Weeks After Lower Facelift / Neck Lift?

I had lower face and neck lift surgery 2 weeks ago. Everybody that I have spoken to who has had this surgery has had immediate results in the neck... READ MORE

What Should I Do About Bad Necklift Results?

I Had a Neck Lift 3 Months Ago. I posted my picture 10 days after my neck lift and could tell I didn't like what I saw.Now its 3 months later and... READ MORE

Why is my Neck Sagging 4 Weeks After Neck Lift?

I am 56 years old and 4 weeks ago i had a lower face lift thar included a neck lift and playtsma tightening. A ago I had lipo suction under my chin. I... READ MORE

When Will I See Results After a Neck Lift?

I had the procedure 10 days ago and at first I had a lot of jiggly fluid under my chin the ps gave me a steroid and it went down but is still there. I... READ MORE

Successful Neck Lift Results for Keloid Prone Skin?

Can a person with keloid prone skin/scar tendencies have a successful neck lift? I am a 56-year-old female and am developing a turkey neck, but am... READ MORE

I Had a Facelift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Lids Done, a Nose Tipplasty and Juvederm and I Still Look the Same!

I had all this plastic surgery on my face and after a month its all back. I have a hollow under my eyes which looked great after the surgery because I... READ MORE

Fluid Collecting After Neck Lift - Any Ideas?

I Had a Neck Lift 9 Weeks Ago and I Have Fluid Collecting Under my Neck. 7 days out I had fluid collecting on the right side of my neck. 2 weeks later... READ MORE

Is It Unusual for an Original Surgeon to Do a Revision After a Poor Result?

My surgeon offered to correct,(without charge) a neck lift that I felt had a bad result. Do patients usually allow the same doctor to do revisions?... READ MORE

Prominent Muscle / Extra Skin After Neck Lift

I had a face/necklift last year and it looked great. Then a couple of weeks after the surgery it looked strange. The muscle under my chin was... READ MORE

Can I Have a Necklift After Disappointing Results w/ Lifestyle Lift and Lower Facelift?

I Had a LSL Done 4 Years Ago. It Turned out Awful. I Sought Additional Help. And had to do another lower facelift procedure to fix the LSL scars, etc.... READ MORE

I am considering a neck lift. Can you tell me what procedures you think I need for optimal results? (Photo)

What bothers me the most is my jawline and my neck. What procedures would you recommend for me based on my photos. I'd like to get this done in the... READ MORE

6 Months post-op neck lift with platysmaplasty: Unhappy with results - Can it be corrected? (Photos)

I had a neck lift with platysmaplasty-- I was unhappy with results at 3 months and was told to give it another 3 months before making a final... READ MORE

43 yrs old. Should I have a mini or mid lift, or just neck tightening? (Photo)

Would a mini/mid lift also help the neck area? I am also open to treatments solely for tightening of the neck but fear I wont see noticeable results.... READ MORE

Post -op pictures 1-2 hrs after surgery. Did this effect my results? (Photo)

I had to have emergency surgery , to stop the bleeding.I can't help but wonder if this didnt effect my results. My Plastic Surgeon was not available READ MORE

What procedures do you think I need on my chin/neck? (photos)

I am a 34 yr old female. I would like to have more definition in my neck. Not just to improve my appearance now, but to help with the aging process... READ MORE

I had a lower face & neck lift 3 mths ago but I am very unhappy with the results of my neck. (photo)

I still have saggy skin & it is still deeply lined. I wasn't expecting the neck of a 21yr old after my surgery, but I was expecting it to look better... READ MORE

What do I do now? Post necklift; doctor removed too much fat? (Photos)

I had a neck lift 2 1/2 years ago. Dr admitted that he removed too much fat from the neck. I did not get the profile that I had been promised. A... READ MORE

Why do surgeons disagree on the best treatment for platysmal bands? And why not excision? (Photos)

Im 40, fitness model, bf under 10% w/ prominent platysmal bands, lax skin- I'm ready for a necklift with a lower/full facelift. However, in every neck... READ MORE

Laser lipo; My neck looks worse now then before the lipo. Is there anything that can correct this for me? (Photo)

Hello, I had laser lipo on my chin and neck about a year ago. My results did not turn out well at all. My neck looks worse now then before the lipo.... READ MORE

After neck lift the skin tethered to the muscle. Will I need revision surgery? (photos)

I had a neck lift 6 weeks ago. My doctor last week told me the skin began to tether to the muscle compromising the contour. He said after healing the... READ MORE

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