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Does staple removal hurt? How is it done ?

I am scheduled for for suture removal and some staple removal on Monday Dec. 21. for my neck lift. I am a little scared of this. Do they spray on a... READ MORE

I have a rope like scar on back of ear after neck lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days post-op after neck lift. Behind my one ear is not bad, but the other one has ropelike scars that I can't see going away on their own.... READ MORE

My Neck, Masseter and Submandibular Muscles Are Very Prominent. What Do You Recommend?

But my skin is not loose. During a platysmaplasty are any muscles ever removed to smooth out and balance the face? READ MORE

What are my options for removing the horizontal neck lines? (photos)

I'm 42 years old and my neck really bothers me and I feel makes me look much older than I am. I would like a smoother neck with minimal or no... READ MORE

I Had a Herniated Muscle in my Neck. The Doctor Thought It Was a Lymph Node and Removed the Lymph Node? (photo)

The lymph node was removed I still had the same bump that would protrude from under my neck. I went to a different doctor and was told that it was a... READ MORE

Can Iguide Necklift Sutures Be Removed?

I have extreme discomfort since have the iguide necklift procedure more than 18 months ago. My jaw frequently aches and I have sharp pain when I chew... READ MORE

What Happens to Skin After Giampappa Stitch Removal?

Hi Looking for information on the Giampappa Stitch what happens to the skin if this has to be removed? READ MORE

Removing and reversing suture lift?

I am very unhappy with a suture lift to the neck to improve jowls. I am unhappy with unsightly bunching to both sides of my neck, and a persistent odd... READ MORE

Removal of left and right Submandibular glands for better aesthetic neck lift results.

I had a platysmaplasty approx 2 years ago. Shortly after the surgery, my submandibular glands are very noticeable and take much away from the results... READ MORE

How do you get rid/remove of really deep creases in the neck? (photos)

I've had these really deep creases in my neck since i was a little child I've always been in sports they get smaller but don't go away what are the... READ MORE

Sutures removal 13 days after surgery?

I'm supposed to removed my sutures on the 7 day from a lower neck lift, but the person who supposed to removed them is out of state and will remove... READ MORE

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