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Neck Lift Recovery

What to expect during neck lift recovery? Does it take a long time to heal? Will I need a lot of help around the house? READ MORE

Neck Lift Recovery. What is the Real Downtime? (photo)

I'm 53 and in good shape. Have a great doc who did my t- tuck and brst red. 2 yrs. ago. Don't want to wait too long to do a neck lift bc I... READ MORE

Only 36 and so unhappy with my neck. What procedure would you recommend to smooth my neck line and eliminate neck bands? (Photo)

Neck bands present at rest. No extreme weight loss/gain, no previous procedures. Just unlucky and so self conscious. My goal would be to have a... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Neck Lift Incisions to Feel Less Lumpy?

Does everyone get lumps on a neck lift incision? How common is it? READ MORE

I Am Interested in the Iguide Neck Procedure and Need to Know Costs and Recovery Time??

Or the corset platysmalplasty. I can not any PS physicians near Naperville Il. READ MORE

Why is the Recovery After a Head/neck Procedure (E.g. Neck Lift) Supposedly Faster when Performed Under Local Anesthetic?

I have been told that recovery following a procedure (neck lift for instance) done under local anesthetic or light sedation is faster than one done... READ MORE

Will a Chin Strap After Neck Lift Surgery Aggravate Psoriasis?

Is it necessary to wear a chin strap after a neck lift for skin folds? READ MORE

Need Help Asap- Face/neck Lift or Just Lipo? (photo)

Not sure if lipo will be enough or if i would need a neck or face lift? What do you suggest? How long will the recovery be? Thanks! READ MORE

What is the price for a lower face and neck lift near Johnson City, TN? Also what is the general recovery time? (Photo)

I would like to get rid of the double chin and jowls and maintain a natural look. (Not too tight) READ MORE

What are options for improving the neck area? I don't like the sudden change in this area.

Im assuming this is a neck lift or lower face lift fix. I read about people getting lipo there but never sounds like they are very happy and skin of... READ MORE

What is the recuperation time after neck lift? (Photo)

Would like the least invasive procedure available to improve the appearance of my neck. READ MORE

I am still very tight and feel choked when I put my head down. Swallowing is still not comfortable. What is nomal recovery?

I had a feacelift and neck lift almost 3 weeks ago. I feel very tight and choked when I put my head down. My mouth dies not open all the way and I can... READ MORE

Anterior platysmaplasty: do some techniques have more recovery difficulties/pain than others?

Need neck lift revision. Too much lipo exposed bands. Did not have anterior p-plasty, only posterior. Now told need revision w/ skin redrape and front... READ MORE

Deep plane face and Neck lift, fat grafting, eyes, nasal folds and chin. Possible lateral sweep. Any suggestion?

Surgery was 10 months. Surgeon says there is nothing wrong with my results and there is nothing more he can do for me. Hollowing under eyes,... READ MORE

How soon is reasonable for Leisure Travel after Lower Face and Neck Lift?

As a 60 year old man, I have plans for European travel on an active trip for three weeks six weeks after a lower face and neck lift. I had not even... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the rolls of skin around my neck? (Photo)

What can be done? How long is the procedure, recovery and what care does it need after the surgery and how much does it cost? READ MORE

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