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38 Yrs Old with Sudden Extreme Turkey Neck, Sagging, Thinning Neck and Lower Face. Neck Lift? (photo)

38 w/neck and lower face of a 65 yr old. History:Recent early menopause, heavy stress, weight gain/loss in the last few yrs (45 pds). On HRT now and... READ MORE

Too Tight Neck Lift - Permanent? Revision?

I am interested in a neck lift but hear and read many people complaining after the surgery that they feel "strangled" and "extremely... READ MORE

Sagging, Rugged Neck Skin After Endotine Cheek and Neck Lift

My mother went for a Endotine Ribbon cheek and neck lift a month ago due to sagging skin. But her neck and cheeks are starting to sag again and she's... READ MORE

Will Neck Lift Be Permanent?

Please tell. E if my neck lift and bleph will be permanent. Thank you. I am 63 years old. READ MORE

Neck Lift - Risk of Damage to Permanent Suture w/ Boxing?

I am interested in a mini necklift, which involves permanent sutures near the ear to hold up the SMAS. I box as a hobby and have concern about the... READ MORE

Is there anything else I should be doing to help it heal quicker and get rid of the red? Will this be a permanent scar? (Photo)

I had a neck lift 2 months ago and developed a seroma on my cheek. It was drained several times and also drained out on its own. There is no more... READ MORE

I had mini lift and have a fold on my neck. Will this go away? (Photo)

Will this fold go away. It was hard at first but after 7 weeks post it has soften but still there. READ MORE

Neck bands- are they right for me? (photos)

I'm 31 and I've have vertical lines running through my neck for as long as I can remember. When my neck is relaxed it is not noticeable but when I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have these weird bands and fullness under my chin after a Neck Lift? Are they permanent ? (photos)

I'm 1 month post neck lift tomorrow . I don't like what I see :( I'm a little concerned but trying not to panic . READ MORE

Intense pulling, tightness and numbness 2 months after neck tuck- is that a sign of permanent nerve damage?

Hello, I had a neck tuck done 2 months ago, since the beginning I felt a very strong "pulling", pressure and numbness in my ears neck and skin around... READ MORE

Neck lift effect down at collar bone level permanent? (photos)

Am 2 weeks out from neck platysmaplasty with lower facelift. No lipo was done. So far all looks great. But now have emphasized hollowness above collar... READ MORE

Would a doctor rather be sued or settle outside court if they burned patient during procedure, leaving permanent damage? (Photo)

Third degree burns on neck after a neck lift. PS claimed if was "stopping a bleeder" however negligence is under investigation. Burn blister from... READ MORE

What procedure should I get done to define jawline and remove excess loose skin or fat for nearly permanent result? (photo)

I am 22yo female that has always been underweight. Prior to college I had a pretty defined jaw. However, I'm pricing extra skin like turkey neck(at... READ MORE

I developed an ulceration (doctor called it a "blister") post-neck lift. Is this a permanent scar? (Photo)

PS said a blister had developed in the hours immediately following my procedure as I swelled more than anticipated so the bindings became too tight.Is... READ MORE

Have any of you ever seen a patient spit numerous permanent sutures? (Photo)

. My surgeon used both dissolvable and permanent sutures for my neck lift. I've spit four from each ear and three worked their way out of my neck. I... READ MORE

I had submentoplasty 18 days ago. My results changed for the worse starting at week 2. Is this swelling or permanent? (Photo)

The week after surgery, everything looked great. My skin was smooth, no lumps or unevenness, no fat. Starting on day 14, I started noticing what looks... READ MORE

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