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Does staple removal hurt? How is it done ?

I am scheduled for for suture removal and some staple removal on Monday Dec. 21. for my neck lift. I am a little scared of this. Do they spray on a... READ MORE

How Much Pain is Involved with a Neck Lift?

Will it feel like a bruise? Will it throb, or just tingle? READ MORE

Should my Neck Hurt So Much After Neck Lift?

I had a face and neck lift a week ago. My neck feels as if there is a binder clip on each side, pulling . Is this normal? It is very uncomfortable.... READ MORE

How Long Should I Be Experiencing Very Painful Headaches and Swelling in my Temple Area Above Both Ears After a Neck Lift?

It's been a month since my surgery and I did see my dr, who I do the the utmost confidence in,last week about this. He said it was just inflammation... READ MORE

Still Having Pain 5 Weeks Post Op, Possible Causes?

I had a smas lower face and neck lift 5 weeks ago. Unfortunatly I had complications-- multiple hematomas, severe swelling and bruising. In fact I am... READ MORE

My Neck and Sides of my Face Are Sore and Stretched 7 Months After Face and Neck Lift. Why is that?

To an outsider I look perfectly normal but I am in constant pain and discomfort. Superficial sensory sensation is in tact and the affected areas feel... READ MORE

Neck lift options. Can I avoid nerve damage? (Photo)

Is there a procedure that would address my neck and marionette lines that does not involve an incision near the trigeminal facial nerve? I have... READ MORE

Do you think lipo was done on my neck and too much fat removed that caused this horrible vertical banding on neck

Not only is there loose skin down center of neck but very painful Banding starting under each jaw and running across under chin. Pixie ears pulled so... READ MORE

What could cause continuous choking sensation at adam's apple seven years post Neck Lift? (photos)

Seven years after a neck lift with chin implants and transected platysma, this taught line from my adam’s apple to the interior of my chin, causing c... READ MORE

What's the average cost of a neck lift? (Photo)

Need neck lift..have lines turkey neck and wrinkles.How long is surgery and how much pain sweeling is NORMAL?..I AN 52 YRS OLD. READ MORE

Why is my neck healing this way? (Photo)

Several months out after face and necklift and healing seems to be getting worse. Experiencing pain and pulling with vertical bands. Have followed up... READ MORE

What can be done about my neck? (photos)

11 months ago at age 52 I had a smas/platysmasty performed by a well respected and highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon. After the... READ MORE

2 months post, is pleating in front of ear, distorted cartilage at intertribal notch, and infection behind ear normal? (Photo)

Pleats in front of ear; unattached lobe pinched, odd looking intertragal notch , & behind my ear is oozing & painful. The dermatological surgeon (not... READ MORE

Anterior platysmaplasty: do some techniques have more recovery difficulties/pain than others?

Need neck lift revision. Too much lipo exposed bands. Did not have anterior p-plasty, only posterior. Now told need revision w/ skin redrape and front... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Put Stitches IN an Earlobe?

My surgeon put stitches IN my earlobe (neck lift) which was excrutiating. He wrapped a lot of metal around the earlobes also.He refused to remove them... READ MORE

Scar tissue and pain. I am trying to educate myself so I can make a wise choice. Any suggestions? (photos)

On the Left side esp. I was wondering if this is just scar tissue.? Is the location close to my submandibular gland? READ MORE

Neck lift inflammation with pain one year later. PLEASE HELP!!!! (photos)

I'm a healthy 55 year old great shape and had a neck lift a year ago.. my PS said he experience alot of bleeding and cauterizing on my right side. I... READ MORE

62, female 9 weeks post neck, face and endoscopic brow lift. Look natural-intolerable tightness/pain in temples & cheeks (Photo)

Terrible tightness in both temples & down left cheek. Sometimes pulling,nerve pain in left scalp, temple & above left brow. Also have a... READ MORE

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