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Necklift and Muscle Tightening Without an Incision Under the Chin - Is This Possible?

Is it possible to have a necklift with muscles tightened without making an incision under the chin? How much must the incision be? Thank you. READ MORE

Visible muscle bulging in neck after neck lift- what happened?

I am 4.5 weeks post facelift/neck lift. My neck looked great during the early weeks when there was still swelling. Now that the swelling has gone, I... READ MORE

Prominent Muscle / Extra Skin After Neck Lift

I had a face/necklift last year and it looked great. Then a couple of weeks after the surgery it looked strange. The muscle under my chin was... READ MORE

Is it possible to disguise uneven neck muscles?

Hi there, I have an unusual problem in that my neck muscles (scm) are really uneven. My left side sticks right out whereas the right side doesn't. My... READ MORE

My Neck, Masseter and Submandibular Muscles Are Very Prominent. What Do You Recommend?

But my skin is not loose. During a platysmaplasty are any muscles ever removed to smooth out and balance the face? READ MORE

Is neck tightening possible with a smallish space between chin and neck? (Photo)

I'm aware my jawline is moving south (I'm 46), but it also feels like its filling out towards my chin, which could be weight gain (normally 130, now... READ MORE

What can you do about uneven neck muscles? (Photo)

Recently, I've noticed that my neck/shoulder muscles are uneven. It's not a huge difference, but my right side looks longer than my left because the... READ MORE

How to fix skin adhesions in neck after platysmaplasty?

I’ve had two platysmaplasties now; the second one was done to correct a cobra deformity from excessive removal of subplatysmal fat that happened a... READ MORE

My neck is still sagging. What should I do at this point? (photos)

Had a neck lift with muscle plication in 3/2015 and a revision on 9/2015 due to sagging on left side. The in-office revision didn't do a thing except... READ MORE

When having a second neck lift 10 years after the first, does the doctor typically tighten the platysma muscle again?

I want to have a second neck/lower face lift. My first was about 10 years ago and the doctor made an incision under my chin to sew the platysma muscle... READ MORE

Reduce muscles around neck area?

Hi, I'm not sure what they're called but the muscles between my neck and shoulders are very bulky. I'm a 21 year old woman and they've looked like... READ MORE

10/11 days post op neck lift. I'm concerned with the protruding pleated muscle/gland on my neck. Will it go away? (Photo)

Here are pictures from 10/11 days post op of my neck lift. I believe it went very well, however I am concerned with the right side of my neck and this... READ MORE

Is there any help for me?

In1996 I had a neck lift performed (platymoplasty). In 2002 the surgeon went in and released the sutures and cut scar tissue because of thightness.... READ MORE

Poor Neck Definition - I'm a slim 41 yr old male but have a poorly defined neck area with a weak angle. (photo)

The problem is not necessarily one of excess fat but rather the positioning of the muscle underneath the tongue. Could this be improved to create a... READ MORE

What would happen if the platysmal muscle were to be pulled and sewn a little over aggressively?

How would that appear on a neck lift? Besides how it feels I was wondering if that ever happens? Also with a facelift what about the crusty stuff left... READ MORE

Neck surgery - cords resurfacing. What is going on?

I have had neck surgery twice. One time the platysmal band together, and the cords resurfaced. The second time the muscle was cut, and a year later... READ MORE

What causes the tightness/choking feeling a year following a neck lift?

What causes the tightness/choking feeling a year following a neck lift? Is it due to the muscles being sutured together or is it due to liposuction? READ MORE

Is there a way to slim down your neck?

So I have genetically a 17.5 inch neck and I hate it. There is no fat around my neck it's all muscle. So is it possible with a lot of training to slim... READ MORE

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