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Can a complete neck lift be done under local anesthesia with ORAL sedation? Under the chin incision, does it help w/ lifting?

I have excess skin under my neck (a turkey waddle) and dropped muscles. I need to have a plastysmaplasty. I have consulted with two fine surgeons who... READ MORE

Why is the Recovery After a Head/neck Procedure (E.g. Neck Lift) Supposedly Faster when Performed Under Local Anesthetic?

I have been told that recovery following a procedure (neck lift for instance) done under local anesthetic or light sedation is faster than one done... READ MORE

Can the platysmaplasty be done without the mid face lift, or should they be done together? (photo)

I have gone to 2 PS to ask about a neck lift, and both focused on my face, suggesting a MACS and if I needed the muscles in the neck tightened, they... READ MORE

What went wrong with this neck and mini lift? (photos)

I am 46. 5 months post op after a neck lift with a platysmaplasty and a mini-lift. incisions under chin, behind and in front of ears, repair of... READ MORE

How Can My Ear Be Fixed?

The picture above was taken at 6 weeks post op. At 18 weeks post op the doctor tried to make this side more presentable by moving the skin, I believe... READ MORE

Is 4 wks post Chin Revision too soon to fix leftover hanging skin under local? Would you suggest a horse shoe type scar? (photo)

After 4 weeks from the chin lift My scar tissue is very soft and swelling is gone under chin. The doctor did a good job with my smas facelift in... READ MORE

I'd like to get an opinion on the best procedure to improve my neck and jowls area. (Photo)

I'm 65 years old later this year and I'm fairly satisfied with my looks except for my neck area, including jowls. I'm not sure what procedures to... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for T-Z plasty of the neck?

I want to find a doctor to do a T-Z plasty of the neck in his office under a local in the Houston area. The 2 I contacted only use a general. READ MORE

Is it safe to stop taking BHRT while having a neck lift surgery under local anesthesia?

I am 54, postmenopausal and started bioidentical HRT 4 months ago and my body is adjusted and my cycle is finally regular. I am going to have a neck... READ MORE

I'm thinking of neck lift and lower face lift. What are the exact procedures? (Photo)

What are the exact procedures for lower lift and neck lift? How long to recover? Can it be done with local anesthesia? READ MORE

Corset platysmaplasty and choking phobia. (Photo)

Surgeon recommends corset platysmaplasty . Have choking phobia. Does post op tightness of corset platysmaplasty feel like choking? Is this procedure... READ MORE

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