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I Had a Neck Lift About 7 Months Ago. Is It Possible to Have Ultherapy Now or Later?

I had a neck lift 7 months ago and I still can feel the numbness by my ear. Is it possible to have ultherapy now or should I wait. READ MORE

I had a neck lift, I wanted a tuck behind my ears type, found out my doctor is not a plastic surgeon , just a surgeon. (photos)

I went to a refered doctor, I needed a neck lift, I wanted the tuck behind the ears. He kept insisting on lipo, and lazer . He said I wasent a bad. I... READ MORE

Laser lipo; My neck looks worse now then before the lipo. Is there anything that can correct this for me? (Photo)

Hello, I had laser lipo on my chin and neck about a year ago. My results did not turn out well at all. My neck looks worse now then before the lipo.... READ MORE

Will I need a neck lift revision? (Photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift, co2 laser 2 months ago. My concern is that I feel my neck is already starting to sag and I feel concerned. I am 65.... READ MORE

I'm 46 and would like a younger slimmer neck. What type of surgery or laser would you recommend? (photo)

I had a doctor do lipo on me years ago and my neck has looked "old" every since!  READ MORE

Neck lift, fat transfers, & laser resurfacing under eyes & mouth; eyes pouring tears, still red platysma cords. Any suggestion?

I am 6 weeks post op today. I had a neck lift, fat transfers throughout my face ( mostly checks and under eyes) and laser resurfacing done under my... READ MORE

Effects of a neck lift vs. laser treatment of neck area. Any suggestions?

I am a 69-year-old female who is considering a neck lift. I had a facelift 8 yrs. ago, and don't feel I need another. But my neck skin really sags. I... READ MORE

Candidate for neck lift? (Photo)

I am 45 and extremely frustrated with my neck. The loose skin and creases and crepey skin. I used to be a sun worshiper in my youth but diligently use... READ MORE

Would like a sleek neck angle and improved chin symmetry. Chin is most obvious with smile. What procedures? (photos)

I'm 33, 5'4" 120 lbs. No gains or losses above 10 lbs. Have full neckline + chin asymmetry worse when smiling. Visited a Facial PS. Said nothing he... READ MORE

10 weeks post neck lift op. When can I get a revision? (photo)

I am 10 weeks out from lazer neck lift with platysmal muscle tightening and it looks worse than ever. I had a seroma and had it asparated in the first... READ MORE

Does this look like a cobra neck or something else? (Photos)

I had a neck lift 7 months ago. My neck looks like I have long, heavy bands on each side. PS told me to be patient as they will smooth out over time.... READ MORE

Neck lift with laser treatment under chin - can this be fixed? Follow-up w/dr. this week. What questions should I ask? (Photos)

I had an upper face/neck lift in mid-2016. In Jan, 2017, I had a revision due to loose skin remaining. When I woke from surgery, the dr. told me he... READ MORE

I had a neck lift 13 weeks ago and loose skin is returning to the right side of my neck. Will laser help?

Lower face and neck lift 13 weeks ago. Loooked great until the past week. My necklift was prompted by a loose pocket of skin under my chin I have had... READ MORE

Is it normal to be able to feel sutures with your hands under the skin after face/neck lift? I am 7 months post-op.

I have nerve pain in both of my ears that has not been successfully treated with cortisone and nerve-blocker injections or lasers. He thinks it is a... READ MORE

Can the potential for issues with the submandibular glands appearing prominent, be recognized prior to or during a neck lift?

I am 55 and 6 mos post op lower face/neck lift with removal of a 20 yr old chin implant, which had formed a shelf-like encapsulated growth on top of... READ MORE

Please give advice for nerve pain in both ears at 1 year post-op?

In May 2016, I had a necklift. Since then I have terrible nerve pain in both ears. I was told it should have resolved on its own by now. It has not. I... READ MORE

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