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Neck Lift Recovery

What to expect during neck lift recovery? Does it take a long time to heal? Will I need a lot of help around the house? READ MORE

Doubts About Neck Lift - Scars and Healing

I'm scheduled for a necklift & having doubts. I'm 45/W/F, w/a little lax skin in the throat area. I need an opinion. How bad are the... READ MORE

Is This Progress? - Necklift Seroma (photo)

Am 2 months out from facelift/necklift. Doctor aspirated initially until nothing came out. The hard ropey mass has softened but retains the size and... READ MORE

After Necklift Temple Artery Burst. Now Have Feeling That Blood is Dripping Under Skin

12 days after a necklift, I bent over and the pressure was to much and blood flowed perfusely - paramedics thought I had been shot in the head. I lost... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Neck Lift Incisions to Feel Less Lumpy?

Does everyone get lumps on a neck lift incision? How common is it? READ MORE

What is the Procedure and Recovery Time (Incision Healing) That Will Remove Excess Fat from the Neck? (photo)

I'm 26 years old and have always been a healthy weight (5'6, relatively fit, 130-140lbs) but ever since I was a teenager have excess fat under my neck... READ MORE

Revision neck lift 1 month ago - incisions not healing well. (photo)

My revision neck lift was performed April 7, 2014. My loose skin was pulled very tight, which I love. At my last check up, my PS noted that my... READ MORE

Is this normal healing 4 months post-Neck Lift and Facelift? (photo)

At nearly 4 months post-neck and face lift I still have lumpy, bumpy areas alongside / adjacent to the submental incision. The area is also discolored... READ MORE

Neck lift - what is this and will it go away? (photo)

I am 4 months post lower face/neck lift (incision under chin), seemed to be healing well, but now I have these lumps under my chin. My PS says they... READ MORE

What are options for improving the neck area? I don't like the sudden change in this area.

Im assuming this is a neck lift or lower face lift fix. I read about people getting lipo there but never sounds like they are very happy and skin of... READ MORE

Looking for a Product to Reduce Redness and Promote Healing of the Neck Lift Scars on the Sides of my Neck?

Looking for a Product to Reduce Redness and Promote Healing of the Neck Lift Scars on the Sides of my Neck at the Bottom of my. The sides of my neck... READ MORE

Why is my neck healing this way? (Photo)

Several months out after face and necklift and healing seems to be getting worse. Experiencing pain and pulling with vertical bands. Have followed up... READ MORE

Is there anything else I should be doing to help it heal quicker and get rid of the red? Will this be a permanent scar? (Photo)

I had a neck lift 2 months ago and developed a seroma on my cheek. It was drained several times and also drained out on its own. There is no more... READ MORE

Is my neck lift sagging already?? (photos)

I am almost 60 days post op from a lower face and neck lift, about a month ago I noticed that my neck was starting to look saggy! I realize that the... READ MORE

After neck lift the skin tethered to the muscle. Will I need revision surgery? (photos)

I had a neck lift 6 weeks ago. My doctor last week told me the skin began to tether to the muscle compromising the contour. He said after healing the... READ MORE

Neck + facelift w fat graft to neck 4 1/2 months ago. This is the result. I am anxious about what happened and healing (Photo)

I can’t find any facelift images which resemble my results. Right after surgery I had 2 dark round scabs on either side of my throat +1 on my cheek. I... READ MORE

Is this swelling at four weeks post-op from a neck lift/lipo normal? (Photo)

My chin seems more swollen and fat at week four than weeks 2 and 3. Is this a normal part of the healing process and should it subside? READ MORE

I am 22 days post op. I had a neck lift with chin implant and upper eyelid lift. How long will it take to heal? (Photo)

I developed a hematoma on my left side. After several aspirations, I finally started to heal and was pleased with results. Then I developed a slight... READ MORE

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