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I Had a Facelift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Lids Done, a Nose Tipplasty and Juvederm and I Still Look the Same!

I had all this plastic surgery on my face and after a month its all back. I have a hollow under my eyes which looked great after the surgery because I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Boston Area for Neck Lift / Facelift

I have seen a few doctors in the Boston area regarding neck lift and possible facelift. They are all board certified, but I would like reccomendations... READ MORE

Face Has Turned Puffy For The Last Month, Is It Lymph Node Damage After Necklift?

I am almost 3 months po. Initial swelling went down beautifully then suddenly my face turned puffy and has remained so for over a month. My... READ MORE

Necklift Re-do, Will It Change my Face?

I had a neck/facelift in 2010. I had a vy plasty done to remove excess skin 6 mos. later. I still have some loose skin under chin % very slight... READ MORE

Neck pleating. Why did this happen? Will it go away? (Photo)

I am 3 months post op of a neck, face and coronal brow lift. I have pleating in my neck which is visible at rest and even more so when I raise my head... READ MORE

2 weeks, 3 days post neck/facelift. Super unhappy! (Photo)

I am 2 weeks and 2 days post lower face and neck lift with fat grafting. I was happy until a few days ago. The more the swelling goes down, the more... READ MORE

Can you help me with revision in Beverly Hills? (Photo)

About a year ago in Europe I had a neck lift with Platysma tightening, endoscopic endotine cheek lift and a lower face lift. Please see current photos... READ MORE

Neck + facelift w fat graft to neck 4 1/2 months ago. This is the result. I am anxious about what happened and healing (Photo)

I can’t find any facelift images which resemble my results. Right after surgery I had 2 dark round scabs on either side of my throat +1 on my cheek. I... READ MORE

What procedures do you think I need on my chin/neck? (photos)

I am a 34 yr old female. I would like to have more definition in my neck. Not just to improve my appearance now, but to help with the aging process... READ MORE

Travelling solo for neck/facelift?

I'd like to have this procedure away from home & spend time recovering for 1-2 weeks before returning. Ideally, it would be somewhere where there is... READ MORE

Had neck lift twice (by broad certified) still looks terrible. I want a facelift now I am scared it won't turn out good? (photo)

I had a neck lift by a broad certified plastic surgeon he did it twice I have still had other dr's say he did not do a good job. I want to get a... READ MORE

2 weeks post op CO2 laser on my neck/face. My inflammation is down, but my neck still is wrinkly & loose. Any suggestion?(photo)

41wf.hadco2dot on face/neck. 2 wks ago and inflammation is down but my neck looks wrinkly and loose ! Worse than before ! 1800$! READ MORE

Should I have the procedure with the incision to get rid of the gobble neck? (photos)

I lost 105 pounds seven years ago and decided to have some of my saggy skin removed. i have had a mini facelift/neck lift and a revision. I still have... READ MORE

Does a person have to have a facelift in order to get a neck lift?

For years I have been contemplating a neck lift. I have had excess skin since I was a baby and has just gotten worse and now I'm 43. In my research, I... READ MORE

Neck and lower face lift or just neck lift? Please help, not sure what to do. (Photo)

I am a 47 with a full neck. I have been investigating surgery and was given lots of different options. I finally settled on a surgeon that I really... READ MORE

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