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Why don't I have neck/chin definition? (Photo)

I'm only 22 but have no neck/chin definition from side on. Front on I look normal and I'm not overweight. What might be the reason I have no definition? READ MORE

How Can I Get the Area Under my Chin and Neck Tighter? (photo)

I am 33 years old and I would like the area under my chin to be tighter and a more defined jaw line. The bottom part of my face seems too pudgy and... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure Would Improve my Jaw Line and Neck?

I am 36. Following two pregnancies with swelling and weight gain, my chin line is almost gone and my neck seems very thick. My profile looks like I... READ MORE

Neck Liposuction Best for Defining Jaw Line (If I Don't Want Chin Implant)? (photo)

I'm younger and don't have a lot of fat under my chin, but feel like if I had liposuction under the chin area it would define my jaw line a little... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Neckline? (photo)

I know I don't have a horrible neckline issue considering that I like my jawline face forward just fine, but I would like my profile to more defined... READ MORE

Is the lunchtime neck lift an effective and lasting procedure to improve the look and definition of the neck & jawline? (Photo)

Although most of the information and videos out there are a few years old, I recently discovered a procedure referred to as the lunchtime neck lift.... READ MORE

Better Chin Definition (Neck Suspension Lift, Chin Implant, Fillers, Neck Liposuction)? (photo)

Hi, I posted a question earlier -- what are my options to get better definition of my chin/jawline. The two responses only suggested neck lipo which I... READ MORE

Best way to achieve a 90° neck/chin angle and define a jaw line? Always had heavy lower cheeks. Other issues are recent (Photo)

40 years old. Gained 32lb then lost 20, will lose 15 more. My huge cheeks sagged down with the weight loss (yak). Now i have a horrible turkey neck,... READ MORE

Which would you recommend for my chin/neck area; Neck lift, lipo, chin implant or something else? (photos)

I'm a 27 y.o female who is unhappy with my chin / neck area. I hate my profile and the angle of my neck. I would like a more defined jaw line, and... READ MORE

How could I improve my neck and side profile?

I hate my side profile so much! I have a weak chin and my neck and nose are disgusting! My neck just goes straight down, no definition, I feel like... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a touch of crepey neck skin? (photos)

I'm 40 but no one ever believes it and I'd love to keep it that way. My skin is taut everywhere but the area on my neck just over my throat. It's... READ MORE

What's the difference between a mini facelift and a neck lift?

The procedures and results seem similar but one method involves an incision below the chin and the other doesn't. What benefit does the added incision... READ MORE

I need to know what procedure would be best to get rid of my horrible double chin and add jawline definition? (Photo)

I feel like all I have is neck when I turn my head, I also have a "bubble" when looking from the side or underneath. I was thinking that a neck lift... READ MORE

What solution would be recommended to address the lack of a defined chin line? (Photo)

Several years ago I had lipo done underneath the chin to address the double chin curse of our family. While that helped, I have noticed since I have... READ MORE

What procedures do you think I need on my chin/neck? (photos)

I am a 34 yr old female. I would like to have more definition in my neck. Not just to improve my appearance now, but to help with the aging process... READ MORE

Are platysmaplasties a thing of the past?

I am a 34 yr old female with a heavy neck, and would like more definition in the neck area. I am not interested in a full on face lift or neck lift... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Surgical Technique Used to Get a Defined Jawline and Clean Neck Lift 'Dog Ears'?

I am in need of a THIRD surgery to correct the problem with dog ears on my neck and define my jawline. My original surgeon did a correction and he... READ MORE

Can only a neck lift help with this or would lipo work? (Phoot)

No definition whatsoever now, no wrinkles at all but huge fat double chin. What are my options? I'm 50 but my skin is pretty good - just a few... READ MORE

What surgery would be best suited? (Photo)

I have always been unhappy with my side profile and think my neck has no definition. What would be the best course of action. I am 25 and slim so it... READ MORE

Is this under chin suture infected? (Photo)

9 days ago I had a plastimaplasty as well as a chin implant for "definition". I had never wanted the chin implant but did it bc the doctor said it... READ MORE

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