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How Can I Address Deep Neck Creases? In My Early 20's.

I am in my very early 20's, and have had these deep neck creases since I can even remember and they are starting to extend down onto my collarbone... READ MORE

How Can I Speed Up Healing to Creases & Lumps Left by Chin/neck Lipo? (photo)

I'm 33,female, & physically fit. I had a diet & exercise resistant double chin. 27 days ago I got a chin implant with chin and neck... READ MORE

What is the best remedy for deep horizontal neck lines and loose skin? (Photo)

20+ years ago I got a chin implant and the doctor said he did lipo under my chin and I would thank him later. Now at 46 it appears uneven. Compound... READ MORE

What do I do when I have a weird fat neck with lines and creases? (Photo)

I have a weird fat neck with lines and creases and im not really overweight but I'm not underweight either lol and it's really been a insecurity thing... READ MORE

What else can I do to make hard lumps and creases around incision go away 5 weeks after neck lift? (Photo)

I had a neck lift and tightening of the platysmal muscles 5 weeks ago. I Had a seroma and had it drained several times in the first couple of weeks... READ MORE

Is creasing, and a shelving appearance normal 1 week post op from a neck lift procedure? (photo)

Hello. I am 42 yrs old. 68 in. and 118 pounds. Over time I noticed two parallel vertical lines centered under my jaw line. A neck lift was recommended... READ MORE

What is the correct placement of the submental incision for platysmaplasty in order to avoid further double chin deformities?

Most surgeons seem to place it in the 'natural crease' to try to hide the scar, but this often emphasises the bulge below, creating an 'extra' double... READ MORE

Unhappy with result neck lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

An update on my questions posted yesterday. 4 months since my neck lift surgery. I seem to have chubbier cheeks that give my face a different shape. I... READ MORE

How do you get rid/remove of really deep creases in the neck? (photos)

I've had these really deep creases in my neck since i was a little child I've always been in sports they get smaller but don't go away what are the... READ MORE

Horizontal crease/pleat at top of earlobe after neck lift. (Photo)

I am three days post necklift and have a very noticable crease at the edge of the hair incision line to my eye. Is this something that sometimes... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of deep wrinkles in my neck? (Photo)

I have had deep creases in my neck since I was a baby and they have bothered me my entire life. I am now 24 and ready to do something about it. Is... READ MORE

Neck and chin getting worse as times goes on. Why is this happening? (Photo)

I posted a picture at 5 weeks after neck lift and platysmal tightening. I had steroid injections and have been getting lymphatic drainage massage. The... READ MORE

How can I treat creasing & wrinkling on my neck? What's causing this & how can I prevent further skin degradation? (Photos)

How can i treat the wrinkling and creasing on my neck? What is causing this? How can I prevent further creasing? I'm 31 and have increasing folds,... READ MORE

Has anyone (besides me) noted the variety of neck creases?

It seems that the 2 main types, 1. horizontal and 2. criss cross, occur in children over 5 years but not easily seen in babies. The criss cross can be... READ MORE

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