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Submentoplasty or Neck Lift for Fat and Sagging Under Chin?

I'm considering submentoplasty or neck lift and wondering which one would be better for me. Some surgeon suggests neck lift, some submentoplasty. I'm... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery to Remove Gobbler Under Chin?

Is there a plastic surgery to remove a "gobbler" under chin? It's not fat, but extra skin. I would like to see photos of post procedure. READ MORE

Why don't I have neck/chin definition? (Photo)

I'm only 22 but have no neck/chin definition from side on. Front on I look normal and I'm not overweight. What might be the reason I have no definition? READ MORE

Neck Lift Incision Under the Chin?

Why can't surgeons simply make an incision under the chin to access and tighten neck musculature in cases of Neck lift? I do not need a lower... READ MORE

What Should I Do About Bad Necklift Results?

I Had a Neck Lift 3 Months Ago. I posted my picture 10 days after my neck lift and could tell I didn't like what I saw.Now its 3 months later and... READ MORE

Neck Lift or Chin Implant to Improve Profile?

I have always had a problem with my profile because while I am very in shape my neck line has always been really troubling. I feel like it slopes in... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure Would Improve my Jaw Line and Neck?

I am 36. Following two pregnancies with swelling and weight gain, my chin line is almost gone and my neck seems very thick. My profile looks like I... READ MORE

What is the newest method for performing a neck lift?

Most doctors suggest an incision under the chin and sewing the platysma muscle together. However, one doctor said this is unnatural and does not do... READ MORE

Neck Lift vs Platysmaplasty Surgery. Is it possible platysmaplasty can be done without any incision under the chin?

Does neck lift always include platysmaplasty? I had a consultation with a doctor recently. He suggests me a SMAS lower face lift, which includes neck... READ MORE

Puckering on Chin Incision 2 Weeks Post Op, Will It Smooth Out?

I am two weeks out from neck lift surgery. Behind my chin incision, I have deep puckering to my neck. I think this was a traditional lift as he cut me... READ MORE

Options For a Thick Neck With Low BodyFat?

I have a very thick neck (no fat 10% bodyfat) and thats why i have a small mandibular, my chin is horizontal correct so thats also difficult to change... READ MORE

2 Months Post Neck Lift: Experiencing Hair Loss and Uneven Results

I'm a 31 yo male, and I had a neck lift (platysmaplasty + lipo) 2 months ago. However, about 85% of the affected area is still numb and the right... READ MORE

Usual Method for Neck Lift?

They were supposed to have Neck lift (platysmaplasty) performed on me; instead, they  just put 2 sutures under my chin and the skin is still... READ MORE

I'm considering a neck lift. I'm confused about when there is an incision under the chin and when there isn't. Any suggestions?

I am really nervous about having a scar under my skin and I am even more frightened of the stitching that ties the muscle together. I don't want to... READ MORE

Corset Platysmaplasty; will I be able to endure the tightness under the chin?

I am having a SMAS lift and a Corset Platysmaplasty. My question is.... will I be able to endure the tightness under the chin....this is what worries... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old and skin under chin starting to sag. Do I have options?? (photos)

Though it's very not noticeable from most angles, it's still disconcerting to say the least! When I turn my head to the side is when it's most... READ MORE

Will A Combination of Chin Liposuction with a Neck Lift produce better results?

How common is it for patients to have both a neck lift and chin liposuction done? READ MORE

Is it normal to have uneven lumps and numbness under chin three weeks post platysma tightening with lipo? (Photo)

I'm three weeks post-op and have prominent lumps and uneveness under my chin. I also have residual numbness with occassional tingling. My glands also... READ MORE

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