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What is wrong with my neck? Platysmal bands? (Photo)

I have this problem of late. I have noticed that when I am talking and my tongue is in certain positions, that my neck develops this vertical rope... READ MORE

What Caused This Raised Tissue After my Neck Lift? (photo)

It's 5 weeks after neck lift surgery. I still have severe swelling and a long tube/roll of raised and rigid tissue at the adams apple level of my... READ MORE

Just Bump or Lump, or Blood Clot or Hematoma, or Just Swelling on my Left Neck? (photo)

I posted similar questions and found out the pictures did not capture the condition on my left neck. Overall after surgery, I got more swollen on the... READ MORE

When and Why Do Platysmaplasties Fail?

I had a platysmaplasty and lower facelift 3 weeks ago and I still have persistant bands showing. I am 46 yrs old, I do not smoke and have good skin... READ MORE

Visible muscle bulging in neck after neck lift- what happened?

I am 4.5 weeks post facelift/neck lift. My neck looked great during the early weeks when there was still swelling. Now that the swelling has gone, I... READ MORE

What causes my neck to sag and lose its angle? What can be done? (Photo)

18 old and starting to get double chin. I have never been overweight. A few months ago I couldn't even get a double chin if I tucked my head back. I... READ MORE

Face Has Turned Puffy For The Last Month, Is It Lymph Node Damage After Necklift?

I am almost 3 months po. Initial swelling went down beautifully then suddenly my face turned puffy and has remained so for over a month. My... READ MORE

Neck pleating. Why did this happen? Will it go away? (Photo)

I am 3 months post op of a neck, face and coronal brow lift. I have pleating in my neck which is visible at rest and even more so when I raise my head... READ MORE

Does anyone know what caused this? (photos)

What can I say ? I know your sick of me asking questions please forgive me. but I think you can understand by the looks of this photo. You can look bk... READ MORE

Brown discoloration. I fear too much fat may have been removed and this could be platysma muscle showing. Is this silly? (Photo)

Please help: I am nearly 4 months post-op FL/NL and have had a brown discoloration around my chin incision area for many weeks now. It doesn’t i... READ MORE

Can it ever be normal to have trouble with speech/articulation after neck lift?

I am one day post-op from a neck lift. I noticed right away in recovery that I was having difficulty articulating my speech. My doctor does use a lot... READ MORE

I want to know what these lines on my neck are and why I have excess fat in my neck? (Photo)

I am 23 years old. I'm at an average weight for my height. Although, even when i was in top physical shape the fat on my neck was still present. I've... READ MORE

How can I treat creasing & wrinkling on my neck? What's causing this & how can I prevent further skin degradation? (Photos)

How can i treat the wrinkling and creasing on my neck? What is causing this? How can I prevent further creasing? I'm 31 and have increasing folds,... READ MORE

Platysmal bands post surgery caused by internal scar tissue or over-correction? (Photo)

Platysmaplasty w/ lipo 5 months ago, still have a prominent band midline upon rest. 2 rounds of botox, silicone sheets and massage provide no... READ MORE

Neck lift and hair loss - damage to thyroid gland?

Had a neck lift over a year and a half , with hair loss Can a neck lift cause damage to the thriod gland to cause this. Also does tbe thriod gland... READ MORE

Can the materials used for a face and neck lift cause allergies? Neck and face could be causing this?

I have taken all medications, but nothing is working for me. I wonder if any of the materials that is in my face and neck could be causing this... READ MORE

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