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Saggy loose skin under chin...turkey neck? (photo)

I am a 35-year old female and I recently lost 73 pounds. I'd like many things fixed :)...but the one that bothers me the most is my chin. I had a... READ MORE

Can a Neck Lift Help Me? (photo)

I'm 36 y.o. and I've lost 140 pounds with VSG. While I'm still at a 30 BMI, my weight loss has stopped and I've held steady for the past 4 months or... READ MORE

Which other procedures are available instead of neck lift? I have loose skin under chin (Photo)

I am 44. Had thermage twice but since that I have lost almost 60 pounds. I don't wear makeup and wear my hair up quite often. would prefer not to have... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Neck Fat and Slight Overbite? (photo)

Hey, I have a good amount of neck fat especially when I smile, I have a slight overbite and plan on getting braces after the completion of tech school... READ MORE

Necklift Vs Smartlipo, After Weight Loss with Loose Extra Skin 25 Year Old Man.

Well, I've lost a lot of weight with extreme diets and exercises when i was 17 years old and now i can see the bad part of it, equal, lax face... READ MORE

Finally at my Goal Weight, Lost About 100 Lb What to Do About Neck? (photo)

Hey guys I am in southern cali, wondering what type of surgery would be best and cheapest for my jawline, I'm sick of having a beard. I am 6'3" and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Neck Lift, if so what healing issues might I expect? What are approx. costs of procedures? (photo)

I am 65 1/2 y/o, had gastric bypass 4 yrs ago, lost over 90 lb, had very full face and neck, now have vertical folds in anterior upper neck. I will be... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to remove 2 deep lines on my neck? (Photo)

I recently put on a lot of weight and lost it relatively quickly as a result of this my neck has two very deep lines. READ MORE

I am slender but have loose skin around my neck and have poor skin elasticity. (photos)

I've lost weight but had the loose neck skin even before I lost weight, but it's now worse. Can this be fixed through surgery? What type of outcome... READ MORE

Loose skin around & under chin on neck. What are my options?

Following gradual weight loss over 2 years or so I have loose folds of skin under chin rapidly getting worse - I don't want a full facelift obviously... READ MORE

Neck lift without lower facelift or chin implant. (Photos added)

I would like to have a neck lift done due to excess skin under my chin and at the point of contact with my neck after my weight loss (5'3" lost 20... READ MORE

Age 64. Have lost approx 60 lbs since 2012. Lots of loose skin with vertical lines under chin. (photos)

 What would you recommend? I am extremely self-consciously as it is very noticible. I thought a neck lift would be enough but now I'm thinking... READ MORE

I have neck lines, which feel me look old. How can they be removed? (Photo)

I have these in my 20's due to weight loss but after pregnancy they become more prominent. How these can be removed? READ MORE

Is there a procedure that lifts the neck only, and not the lower face?

I lost a lot of weight years ago, and the skin on my whole neck and under my jaw feels loose. I think the muscle is OK, there is just extra skin. I... READ MORE

Cost of neck tightening?

After weight loss, my neck has loose skin (is lax) What is the average cost of a neck life/lower face lift with neck done as well? (Where neck muscles... READ MORE

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