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My Neck and Sides of my Face Are Sore and Stretched 7 Months After Face and Neck Lift. Why is that?

To an outsider I look perfectly normal but I am in constant pain and discomfort. Superficial sensory sensation is in tact and the affected areas feel... READ MORE

I have scarring behind my ears after a mini neck lift - no difference after scar revision. Can it be fixed by another PS?

I had a mini neck lift 7months ago. Behind my ears, the skin is pinkish red and you can see pulled white skin beyond my ears and below the earlobes... READ MORE

Neck revision needed. Is my neck fixable by going through the chin incision and removing excess skin this way? (photos)

I am 7 months out from a facelift/neck lift/brow lift. My neck looks terrible and I still have slight jowls. My PS is denying there is anything wrong... READ MORE

I Had a Neck Lift About 7 Months Ago. Is It Possible to Have Ultherapy Now or Later?

I had a neck lift 7 months ago and I still can feel the numbness by my ear. Is it possible to have ultherapy now or should I wait. READ MORE

Had Neck Lift 7 mos. ago-Do I need a revision? (photos)

Hi - Had neck lift 7 months ago - Still have vertical neck lines esp on one side of neck more than other. Is this normal or does it mean the doc... READ MORE

Lump and bruising 7 months after midface and neck lifts. Any suggestions? (photos)

There is a lump (at the top of my neck under the chin), The lump resembled a cyst for the 1st 4 months post-op. After 2 steroid injections, the lump... READ MORE

Lump and recurring bruising 7 months after neck lift. Should I be concerned?

There is a 1/4 inch lump and nearby brusing on my neck 7 months after a midlift/necklift. Exercising was making the bruising worse so I have quit... READ MORE

I had a deep plane smas lift 7 months ago which was not successful will a Platysma Corset Lift resolve it? (photos)

My surgeon is going to do a platysma corset lift on my neck. The first surgery I was very swollen , much more than would be expected and I had a... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and went threw a partial neck lift 7 months ago. Is this normal?

Hello. There is improvement of the double chin but the skin is not tightening. It is lumpy and wrinkled. My Doctor is paying for skin tightening... READ MORE

Is it normal to be able to feel sutures with your hands under the skin after face/neck lift? I am 7 months post-op.

I have nerve pain in both of my ears that has not been successfully treated with cortisone and nerve-blocker injections or lasers. He thinks it is a... READ MORE

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