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Seroma or Tissue? (photo)

I am 9 days PO and it feels like I have a seroma under my chin. It feels like fluid not tissue. my doctor said it was not but didn't even feel it..... READ MORE

Is numbness and tightness typical after after a lower face and neck lift? How long will this last?

I underwent neck lift surgery and a lower facelift 10 days ago. No feeling has returned to my neck above the Adam's Apple to below the jaw line. Lower... READ MORE

Infected neck lift scars? -10 days post op. (photos)

I get faint touching/looking at my scars but I have been applying Fucidin cream every day (at first 3 times a day, then 2) as instructed. I asked... READ MORE

Neck surgery. 1 week 4 days later, is this an infection? (Photo)

I had neck surgery a week and a half ago. This I had my muscles in the neck repaired as well as a,neck lift. Does this look like an infection because... READ MORE

10/11 days post op neck lift. I'm concerned with the protruding pleated muscle/gland on my neck. Will it go away? (Photo)

Here are pictures from 10/11 days post op of my neck lift. I believe it went very well, however I am concerned with the right side of my neck and this... READ MORE

10 days post-op, does my neck look messed Up? (Photo)

I had the platysma muscle tightned, lipo, and excess skin cut at the scar. I have worn my brace elastic support every day. Look at this pict and see... READ MORE

Neck Lift (10 days post op). Will massaging help? What else can I do to reduce hardness? (Photo)

Very tight with hard vertical bands from chin to collar, especially in front along windpipe. Very tender. Will massage help or what else can I do to... READ MORE

Day 9 Necklift and Platysmaplasty. My bruising won't heal. And, can you see improvement in my crooked smile?

Can anyone tell me why my bruising doesn't seem to be healing? Also I have mandibular nerve damage which has affected my smile since my surgery 9 days... READ MORE

Will this indentation go away from my endoscopic neck lift?

Hi, I am a very healthy ideal weight 40 year old woman. I had a endoscopic neck lift 10 days ago, I have a large indentation where the drains were, my... READ MORE

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