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Slight Pop on the Left Side Of My Neck Just Behind My Ear as I Turned My Head?

Hello doctors, This evening I was putting on my compression garment after a shower and felt a very small pop on the left side of my neck just behind... READ MORE

How Soon After a Platysmaplasty with Lipo Can I Start Massaging the Area?

I still have swelling and some ridges which I understand is not unusual at this point. I stopped using ice and start using heat yesterday(day 7)as per... READ MORE

I have some very visible scar puckering after neck and jowl lift. Is this normal?

I'm 8 days post-op after having a neck and jowl lift. The incisions in front of my ears are healing puckered like a draw string purse. I wear short... READ MORE

5 days post Neck Lift, Platysmaplasty, Submental Liposuction, I'm starting to have swelling & pain on both sides of neck. photo

Below the ear I'm thinking in the lymph node area. Is this normal or should I contact my doctor? It hurts to turn head far left or right it's kinda in... READ MORE

Why does my neck feel so stiff after a neck lift?

Why does my neck feel so stiff 6 days after a neck lift? How long will it take to feel natural again? READ MORE

Is It Helpful to Continue Icing 5 Days After Platysmaplasty W/ Lipo?

I am still somewhat swollen and in some pain and the ice seems to help, but I have also read that icing will not help the healing process after the... READ MORE

1 week PO, two "pouches" appeared to either side of midline under my jaw. Does anyone know what would have caused this?

I had a lower face and neck lift with platysma plication. About 1 week after the procedure, these two "pouches" appeared to either side of midline... READ MORE

I just wanted a neck lift. I researched doc & found one I like. My face is too tight and stretched. Can it be reversed? (Photo)

I got what was supposed to be just a neck lift but instead he did all of my face and now I look scary... I'm only 40 and didn't want my face touched..... READ MORE

Is creasing, and a shelving appearance normal 1 week post op from a neck lift procedure? (photo)

Hello. I am 42 yrs old. 68 in. and 118 pounds. Over time I noticed two parallel vertical lines centered under my jaw line. A neck lift was recommended... READ MORE

Improved or not? Behind the ear facelift incision healing troubles. (Photo)

I am 9 days post-op neck lift and mini-lift. I love my doctor and my outcome so far but I ran into a healing problem behind my right ear. He... READ MORE

Is this under chin suture infected? (Photo)

9 days ago I had a plastimaplasty as well as a chin implant for "definition". I had never wanted the chin implant but did it bc the doctor said it... READ MORE

Bad Neck Lift or paranoia? (Photo)

I had a neck lift 6 days ago. I know that this is a short amount of time for healing but I am concerned. It appears that my chin is tighter in the... READ MORE

When will lump under my ear go away? (photos)

I'm one week post-op from a neck lift and an 38 years old. Today, my PS said to take ibuprofen and use moist heat. It's been this way since surgery.... READ MORE

Why is there a hole in my neck after revision neck lift? (Photo)

I went back to my surgeon to get revision surgery on my eyelid and neck. Why is there a hole by my ear, so much bruising and slice with skin folds on... READ MORE

I had a Neck Lift surgery 6 days ago and since yesterday I am experiencing a bit discomfort on left side of jaw. Is this normal?

I have had no pain from day one. My only problem has only been a tremendous itching which seems to be much better however, since I am homebound I have... READ MORE

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