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34 yr/o, crossfitter, weight lifting, yoga. TT ab repair BA/lift.

I've finally decided to do it. TT, BA, LIFT. I've only had a consultation but set my date and am getting all my ducks in a row. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME PEOPLE. HA. MY INFO: 33 years old 2 kids (4y/18m) c-sections with both and HUGE pregnancy due to excess amniotic fluid with both. Major ab... READ MORE

I Am Mum of 2 Daughters, Recently Did Operation Mommy Makeover

Hi my name is Svetlana, I am mum of two beautiful daughters 3 years and 1.5 years old. After my first pregnancy I been diagnosed with Diastasis recti and hernia. I wasn't plan to do operation as we thought about second baby. I did Physiotherapy it helps for a while but than I get pregnant again.... READ MORE

45 Yr Old- Mini Tummy Tuck W/ Breast Aug and Lift - Murrieta, CA

Dr. Newman is a perfectionist simply put. I am 7 weeks post op and really understanding just how careful and gentle his procedure was to my body after reviewing so many images on this website. I had no bruising on my breast or stomach, not to say that would be abnormal, but I was impressed by... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Frankfurt, DE

I have tried my hardest with diet and exercise to over come my mid-section, but have not been successful. I can't beat my genetics or my hypothyroidism. I am 5'5, 155 lbs. I crossfit 3 times a week, do boxing 2 times a week, and yoga 1 a week so I'm pretty active! Procedures: Tummy Tuck/Ab... READ MORE

I did it and I love it Soon to Be 51 and Finally got a TT and BR - Huntington NY

I'm a mother of 3 and a wife if 29 yrs. I have always had big boobs since I can remember. I developed early. I remember being 10 and wearing a bra. Like I was the only one in my class. I hated jumping rope because of my juggling boobs. Then throughout JHS and HS I was thin with D size cups.... READ MORE

One week! Post op and feeling good! San Diego, CA

I am a mother of 4 amazing kids that are 22,20, 6 and 5. From the time I had my first child....who was over 9lbs the toll was evident on my body. Even though I loved being pregnant I was not happy with the stretch marks and left over skin each pregnancy left behind and made worse with each new... READ MORE

Tummy tuck worth it! Droopy boobie Implants now explanted. Lift first for best results.

FINALLY! After much internal debate, I decided it was time to look the way I feel. I am 43, 5 ft 8 in, 175lbs. I have five, yes 5 children. Two are grown(ish) ages 23 and 21. Then, I have three little ones ages 5, 3 and 1. I am a yoga teacher and have spent the last year agonizing over this... READ MORE

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