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wrinkling skin + Mommy Makeover

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28 Year Old 5'4 139 Pounds - Much Needed Mommy Makeover (Breast Aug W/lift and Tummy Tuck)

The title says it all. I didn't like my breasts before kids, then I had boobs for the first time. Had great boobs until after my last one - 6 months of breastfeeding all three of them and for whatever reason after my lat they DEFLATED! My first kiddo left stretch marks all over my belly. I was... READ MORE

It's TIME! Nana Makeover in Tijuana After BBL in Beverly Hills

Hi, new friends and old ;) In February I had a bbl with lots of lipo (5 liters) and fat transfer (1860 per side) to my flat, saggy butt. In Beverly Hills... I have a long review with lots of pictures posted. Very happy I did that. However... I am 61, gave birth three times, ranging from 9... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mom of 3 Including 4 Year Old Twins. - Bay Area, CA

So I thought I would begin recording this journey since before I have my first consultation just too see my fellow RS's can advice. I am 26 I had my oldest when I was 17. Breastfeed for 2 months. I had stretch marks but nothing too bad. Of course my self-conscious brain though didn't appreciate... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids- Finally Getting my Mommy Makeover! - Virginia Beach, VA

I've been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for a couple years now. After my last pregnancy (2011), I lost weight but still had the loose, wrinkly, saggy skin and I would get discourage and gain the weight back. I knew no matter how much I dieted and worked out, my stomach would never look the... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Mom of 4 ~ Full TT w/MR, Lipo to Flanks & BA & Lift w/silicone Winston Salem NC

I'm married, 32 and a mom to 4 children~ one girl-11 yrs and three boys~ages 6, 4 & 2. I had vaginal births with all four, no c section. I always had a flatter stomach (one place I don't gain much) and after four pregnancies and delevering 8 lb + babies, my poor stomach is wrinkled and loose. ... READ MORE

5"4' and 126lbs - mommy makeover after three babies

Now that I'm doing having children I'm excited to get my body back. I have just finished losing the weight I have gained. My breast have shrunk a lot! I'm going to be getting silicon gel, I believe 375cc which will put me at a full C. I don't care about stretch marks but I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

HELP 911: Single Mom of 1 is Looking to Become an Official Duran Doll December 2014!!!!! - Dominican Republic

Hello RS I've been researching and lurking this site for several months now. I recieved a few quotes from different doctors including: Yily, Almonte, Baez, Cabral and Contreras. All of the quotes were fine with me, especially considering the prices in the US. The main factor has been the wait... READ MORE

5 weeks PO Flying out for revisions Saturday!! New Pics

I was the fat kid. You know the one that everyone called shamu in the pool and tripped down the hallway just to see how loud it is when I hit the floor. I was that girl in high school that never had any issues dating, not because I was good looking or popular but because I dated the guys that no... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mommy Makeover - Portland, OR

After five kids, two of them over ten pounds, and living with a stomach that was just saggy and wrinkly since after my first child, I was more than excited to have this surgery done, It has been two weeks so far, and I'm doing well. I was terrified of the pain and anxious about botched... READ MORE

49 Years-old and Wanted Back my Old Body. San Diego, CA

I just didn't recognize my body any more! First and foremost, I’d like to thank each and every one of you amazing women for sharing your stories. I’ve been stalking this website several times, daily, for quite some time and cheering you all for your bravery and wishing you a speedy rec... READ MORE

40 Years Old and Have Wanted TT, BL for 13 Years!!! - San Francisco, CA

I finally have booked my TT/BL surgery and have paid the deposit!!!! I have been dealing with loose, wrinkly stretch-marked skin for over a decade now :( These stretch marks are on my belly AND my boobs :( Clothes have not fit right since my first son was born. I am always trying to suck my... READ MORE

Getting a New Body in 2015! Dominican Republic, DO

I'm going to Dr.Cabral for a TT, BL/BA, and BBL. I'm 23 and currently pregnant (I'm a surrogate) and am due in November. I'm 5'6 and 170. I currently have one child. I'm on the fence about having more of my own and I know I shouldn't get a TT if I'm not sure, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.... READ MORE

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