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32 Years Old, 1 Kid But the Gym Can't Take Away my Belly Fat

I were overweight my whole life until 3 years ago that I found my passion, Weightlifting makes me feel complete and happy, I lost 50 pounds, I was in 176 pounds I'm 5'5" I end up with 126 pounds and size 3(before 11) now I'm 146 pounds and same size 3 but I'm determined to have a flat Stomach,... READ MORE

34 yr/o, crossfitter, weight lifting, yoga. TT ab repair BA/lift.

I've finally decided to do it. TT, BA, LIFT. I've only had a consultation but set my date and am getting all my ducks in a row. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME PEOPLE. HA. MY INFO: 33 years old 2 kids (4y/18m) c-sections with both and HUGE pregnancy due to excess amniotic fluid with both. Major ab... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mommy Makeover

I will be having full tt with muscle repair, lipo to flanks and upper epigastic, breast lift with 375cc implants placed on May 5. I am super excited, but oh sooo nervous! I have never really been put to sleep before, except for when I was 17 and had wisdom teeth removed and that's not exactly... READ MORE

34 Years Old - Tummy Tuck with Abdominal Stitching and Breast Augmentation (Silicone Under Muscle)

I have has 3 csection in the past 14 years. Finally no more children and decided after 2-3 years of weightlifting, working out and eating right it was time to get my body back. No matter how much weight I lost or muscle I've gained I always had that little shelf. I must admit I'm scared as... READ MORE

46 Year Old, 2 Children, Athletic, Enjoys Lifting Weights and Cardio - New York, NY

For the past 10 years, I have been focused on my stomach and wanting to achieve a flat stomach with diet and exercise. Despite consistently working out and eating clean,my stomach would not change. Every year this would become my main fitness goal. I was determined and stubborn that I would... READ MORE

31, No Kids, Loose Skin After Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Flanks, Breast Lift and Augmentation. Spokane, WA

I started putting on weight at about 7 years old and continued to gain until I was 14. After a certain point I was too embarrassed to weigh myself, even though I was the only one in the room. When I stopped weighing myself I was about 220 pounds and spilling out of size 16 clothes. At that time... READ MORE

Mom of 3, 5'3" / 147lbs, Runner andHeavy Weight Lifter - TT, BA (No Lift), Lipo to Hips

Hi, Ladies! Like many, I have been stalking the site and reading everyone's stories/reviews as they move through the mommy makeover process and finally decided that I should contribute as well! I have had three children and gained WAY too much weight with each pregnancy. Before I had kids, I... READ MORE

Extended TT with Breast LIft (No Implants) Colorado Springs, CO

I have finally decided to do this! Just made my appointment and paid the deposit and feeling super excited! I am planning to go back for a chin lift, arm lift and maybe a thigh lift down the road, but my biggest issue is with my belly and breasts, so we'll start there. I figure I'll keep lifting... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Two Teenage Kids, Wanted Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Liposculpture. Colombia, CO

After having two children my body had several changes. My abdomen was wide, had essentially no waistline, developed striae. In time breast tissue sagged, had unwanted fat deposits on legs and lower back. If I lost weight I would be a smaller version of my self with loss of breast and gluts. I... READ MORE

30 Y/o Mommy of 3! Gastric Bypass Patient, Needs Upgrade BA & TT. Miami, FL

I was 297 ????before I got my gastric bypass back in June 2011. I fell in love ????with training and weightlifting. I'm 5'4 currently 150lbs ???? I lost all my breast!! ???? I'm currently a size 4, my husband is a personal trainer so Ive been very proactive with my workout routines. But!!! I... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom of 2 Ready for an Upgrade! - San Diego/La Mesa, CA

September 2014I'm a mom of two, 12 and 9 years old and after years of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge and inquired into a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. With my husband's current military orders overseas in a deployable unit and being financially stable to do so, I turned down... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Journey: 36 Y/o ... 3 Kids ... 5'2"; 143 LBS - Washington, DC

I lost over 50 lbs a few years ago and was left with sagging breasts and a chitterling stomach. No amount of muscle toning will help rectify those problem areas. So, I've decided to take the plunge ... revised breast lift with an augmentation and tummy tuck! I'm equal parts excited and nervous ... READ MORE

Mommy Make over W/500 Cc - Cape Cod, MA

I'm 5'7 220 pounds. I'm working with a personal trainer 3x a week so I'm getting a lot of muscle. I dead lift 175 and do squats with 130. I feel like my belly over flow gets in my way of doing all of my work outs and I seem to be at a stand still. I'm so scared of doing this MM in 3days! I just... READ MORE

Mother of 2. Happy 50th Birthday to Me!

Getting excited. I have been planning this since last year. I am having a BL with augment, 300 cc round low profile. TT and LS. I have Rectus Diastasis from pregnancies, so I always have that roundness to my belly. I play tennis 4/5 days a week and I weight lift. But certain things don't... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss - Austin, TX

After losing a significant amount of weight 10 years ago, I was still unhappy with the repercussions on my skin that come with carrying extra weight. I maintain a healthy diet and rigorous exercise plan, so I am confident that I will keep the weight off and stay in shape. The recovery of the... READ MORE

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck - Minneapolis, MN

I had an awesome experience working with Dr. Joe and his entire staff for my mommy makeover. Everyone on his team is super kind and goes out of their way to be of help. I wanted to enhance my breast size (previously not even an A cup) and remove extra skin on my tummy from having four children.... READ MORE

54 Year Old in Need of a BA, BL and Tummy Tuck. I Am Going for 500 Cc. I Want Bigger Boobs. Billings, MT

I've waited a long time for this. I had a great body when younger and have wanted to have bigger boobs and a smaller waist. I've tried exercising for a long time plus doing weight lifting. Afterwhile I stopped because I wasn't seeing any results, got depressed so all together I stopped. I could... READ MORE

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