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Nervcited. Surgery Fast Approaching - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

I've booked my surgery with Dr Fernandez Goico. I also decided to stay with Arelis for 21 days. Now time focus on dropping the extra weight I've picked up since I've stopped smoking cigarettes. 1) Dr Fernandez Goico is the surgeon that I choose. 2) My procedures are scheduled for February... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy! WANTS MY SEXY BACK - Atlanta, GA

Please CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A GOOD REPORT ON DR.OTEGA and his MOMMY MAKE OVER PROCEDURE. I have been searching and searching for a good doctor, and to be honest I have been following this office for over a year going back & forth with myself if I'm going to do this or not .WELL I AM, I just want... READ MORE

24 Yr Mother of 2.. EXTENDED TT W/MR , BL W.IMPLANTS , && LIPO OF THE FLANKS - Miami, FL

Hi guys i cant not say enough how useful and great this website is. so much information ! i am scheduled for june 3 2016 with dr ortega at spectrum for a mommy make over extended tummy tuck with muscle repair , breast lift with implants, lipo of the flanks ... i wish i could get more lipo but... READ MORE

43 Yr Old - Csection, Hysterectomy, and Weight Loss of 70 Lbs Much Needed Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Liposuction - Akron, OH

Cost reflected was for all procedures that includes: abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, and mastopexy (breast lift). I have worked out for years and have reached that place where I knew that it was time for plastic surgery. My stomach muscles had lost the inability to hold in naturally... READ MORE

Mummy Makeover in Bangkok Thailand

I have been overweight my entire life and have lost 25kgs over the past few years. I have two children aged 2 and 4 and a husband that is supportive of my choices. I have always wanted Breast Augmentation and a tummy tuck (even as a young teen) and I am finally ready for it! I can't wait to feel... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover and over 50! - Oregon, OR

Did my research and consulted with Dr's from Medford to Eugene. I really liked a Dr in Medford but the staff was horrible! I did not want to go all the way to Portland but my husband said he just wanted me to be safe and have a good Dr no matter how far we had to travel. So I found a few Dr's... READ MORE

Love my results - New pics Omaha, Ne

I am having a full tummy tuck, breast lift and saline implants in two weeks! I am so ready for this! I had my first child when I was 19 and I was totally unprepared. I didn't know the first thing about how to take care of my body or myself. I gained 75 lbs during that pregnancy, going from... READ MORE

Mommy of 2, Loving my Body Again

Words cannot adequately describe how happy I am that I finally did this. I am a healthy 44 year old mama of 2 beautiful boys. I lost all my baby weight after the second baby but I could not get rid of the extra skin. My breasts sagged and looked like deflated balloons. My belly was small but I... READ MORE

Mother of 4!!! - Miami, FL

Im 5'5 221 pounds mother of 4. I weighrd 271 in February 2016. My goal weight is 155 lbs. Does all mommy makeover require silicone? Can I get a mommy makeover without silicone breast? I initially wanted. BBL, but was told I needed a Tummy tuck first! And that I needed to lose 10-15 pounds and... READ MORE

Make Me a Yummy Mummy! - Castle Hill, AU

I heard about Dr Lim through a couple of ladies at my local gym. One had her tummy done by him about a year ago and her tummy looked amazing. After meeting Dr Lim, I was surprised by how honest he was. He has a lovely bedside manner and i didnt feel intimidated which is what i was expecting. He... READ MORE

TT & BR, May 13th - Alaska

Have been overweight for the last 5-6 years and have tried everything but I just can't seem to get down to the weight I want and what the BMI charts say. I’ve struggled with thyroid issues for most of this time and though I have loss some I will likely not get to the recommended weight... READ MORE

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