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38yo 5 Kids One C Section Mommy Makeover 7mths Preop

I've been wanting to makeover my body for years but after 5 kids and low elasticity in my skin I've decided to go with a mommy makeover. Im super nervous and anxious. A friend of mines had a TT, lipo, MR, and BBL in December 2016 with Dra Tania Medina. I love her results so i reached out to... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, Mom of 2 Plus a Step, Nursed for 4.5 Yrs, Doing Something for Myself Finally

I've finally stopped nursing my youngest and have decided it's time to get things back to where they used to be. Actually better. I've always been a little thick around the tummy and flanks. Years ago I was a size 2 and pants fit every where but the tummy. Pretty straight body with broad... READ MORE

Upcoming Procedure with Dr. Stephenson Signature Plastic Surgery - Snellville, GA

I am anxious and somewhat nervous about my upcoming surgery with Dr. Stephenson. I will be having the mommy makeover procedure and I expect my waistline to be snatched and my breast to be lifted and smaller. I know this will be a long recovery and I am ready for that phase and the next chapter... READ MORE

37 Year Old Full Mommy Makeover!!! - Torrance, CA

Best experience ever! I would highly recommend this doctor to any mom that's a little nervous to get her body back, just do it, best decision of my life!!!! I had a tummy tuck, hip, & waistline lipo, as well as breast augmentation. Completely painless, best anesthesiologist, and nursing team. ... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Two Teenage Kids, Wanted Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Liposculpture. Colombia, CO

After having two children my body had several changes. My abdomen was wide, had essentially no waistline, developed striae. In time breast tissue sagged, had unwanted fat deposits on legs and lower back. If I lost weight I would be a smaller version of my self with loss of breast and gluts. I... READ MORE

I've made my decision....Robles it is

Hello All, I've been thinking about this surgery for the past 13yrs. Now my children are grown with jobs... my money is mine LOL sort of. I'm a 43y/o 5'3" 190lb mother of 3, two c-sections. I carry all my weight in the middle & inner thighs. I start my savings 08/01/2013 via direct deposit,... READ MORE

Wanted to Do This All my Life!! Houson, TX

Thank you, Dr. Basu and your terrific team! I've been self-conscious about my small breasts all my life and always joked that I would just buy some one day (never thinking I actually would). Well that day was Jan. 7, 2016 and it's going to be a happy new year! I also decided that since my... READ MORE

54 Yr Old Transwoman - Mommy Makeover (Breast Aug & Tummy Tuck) - Foster City, CA

I love the results! This was definitely not an easy surgery to recover from, but at 9 weeks post-op, I feel and look fabulous! I'm a big girl, 6'1", 215#, with broad shoulders (formerly 245# as a man, big neck and upper body muscles 4 years ago, so I'm still dropping weight and replacing bulk... READ MORE

Breast Aug & Tummy Tuck... Happy Mommy, Happy Hubby - South Miami, FL

After giving birth to 2 children, 7 yrs apart, my body was not what it used to be pre-babies. My breasts had deflated and my waistline was non-existent despite keeping a moderate exercise routine. At 37 yrs old, I finally sought the breast augmentation I had always wanted since baby #1 and the... READ MORE

Breat Augmentation & Tummy Tuck Sooooo Happy!!!! - Miami, FL

I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck at CG Cosmetics. Dr.Freiman was my Dr. I have read good things about him I can only say he is excellent a straight shooter he dose not lie to you or give you false expectations. I really appreciated his honesty. I had to wait like you do in all Dr's... READ MORE

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