vertical scar + Mommy Makeover

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Had an amazing experience

Dr. Parakh changed my life! I had 4 kids with C-section and the last was a vertical scar, I really didn't think I could ever get that fixed and look good! My breast were also saggy as well. I got an consultation with Dr. Parakh and instantly felt comfortable with her even though it was my first... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover- Gummy Bear

Finally getting the mommy makeover I've been wanting. I have been teetering on the idea of implants or not, but have finally decided to go forward. I elected for the gummy bear as I was told it would give a more natural appearance. I am 43 and have 3 kids. I'm currently a 34 DDD. If I were to... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover. 25 Year Old Mom, 2 Big Babies, 4 Hernias, Extended Nursing for Both Kids - Webster, TX

Hi everyone! I've already had hernia surgery above my belly button once, and need it again. I have had two 10.5lb baby boys and nursed for a combined total of 39 months. I'm getting a much needed breast lift, tummy tuck, and some sculpting lipo. I've lost 90lbs and can't seem to lose anymore. I... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mom, 5"5 160 Lbs.... This Ones for ME! - Chicago, IL

I've scheduled my mommy makeover for July 8th with Dr Clark Schierle, Chicago, IL.... I'm 47 years old, 5'5 and 160 pounds. I've been divorced for 21 years and I have one child who is now 23 and just graduated with his BSN. (Super proud) Five years ago I was in tip top shape, running marathons... READ MORE

32yo W/ Massive Weight Loss Fleur De Lis TT w/ Muscle tightening and Breast Impant no lift - Rockville, MD

My weight has yo yo'ed my whole life starting in middle school. I was heavy for several years then after High School lost 80lbs. Gained it all back with my first pregnancy at 23. Lost it again and gained even more back after my 2nd child topping out at my highest weight which was 279lbs. Both... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Hernia and Diastis and Ptosis/ South Africa, ZA

Third time must be a charm to load my review?!? I wasn't sure I was going to write a review however spending so much time on "real self" over the last couple of months and how much valuable information I have learnt I feel honored to be able to share my story as well! In Cape Town South Africa... READ MORE

42-years-old, Surgery to Correct Sagging Breasts and Vertical Scar from C-section. Texas, TX

On February 16th, I underwent a BL with implants, full TT with MR, and light lipo to flanks. My PS has a very good reputation and that is why I chose him. I really did not want to regret my decision my going with someone who charged less as my biggest fear was not liking the outcome. Surgery... READ MORE

49 Years Old, with a Butt for a Belly and Boobs That Resemble Socks with Oranges in Them! Sacramento, CA

The title says it all. My children were born c-section and I have a vertical scar. Even with a significant weight loss of about 70 lbs (not to mention the years of yo-yo dieting) I could never get rid of the belly that resembles a butt and now my boobs, well there is not a Victoria Secret bra in... READ MORE

Gym Girl 51 Needed a Bit of Help - Dunwoody, GA

I have been exercising for years practically my whole life. Cardio and tennis with weight training along with hiking and pretty much anything else active. I had one child when I was 22 by c- section. ( the vertical cut) Over the years I have maintained my weight and muscle time but was... READ MORE

44, with 3 Adult Children, Lost 43kg Time for Me. Perth Australia

I am so preased with the results and continued support from my surgeons, Dr Vijayasekaran and Dr Corrigan. After having a gastric sleeve in 2013 with Dr Harsha Chandaratna, losing 43kg I had maintained my healthy weight. I also had a hysterectomy in 2014 which had resulted in 3 surgeries and... READ MORE

I Made It! - Pennsylvania

Hi all, This is me...I just turned 48 in Feb. Happily married to my highschool sweetheart now 28 yrs.I'm 5"2' 1/2 and floating around 125 most days. I had all three of my babies via vertical c-sections and breast fed so I'm in the same boat as many of you here. My first was... READ MORE

48 y/o in shape but sagging skin to abd

Dr Rankin did TT and Implant exchange. I am 10 days PO today, still swollen. The swelling comes and goes with duration of activities. Dr told me I may end up with a small vertical scar because I did not have a lot of extra skin, which I was dreading, and luckily he did not have to do that. I... READ MORE

Amazing experience!

After losing 170 pounds, I had a lot of excess skin and very saggy breasts. I met with Dr. Popowich, and I was immediately impressed with his friendliness and bedside manner. Dr. Popowich has a lot of experience with post-bariatric weight loss patients. Dr. Popowich recommended a fleur de lis... READ MORE

57, with Vertical Tummy Scar and Needed Tightening . Also Breast Augmentation - Hickory, NC

Dr.suciliano was the most patient , honest and understanding Doctor ever. My first surgery was July 1,2015. I am 57 and actually got a mommy makeover. My breast implants were gummy silicone. I am so happy with them. My tummy needed a revision that Dr Siciliano did no hesitate to do . I did not... READ MORE

Ready for my Mommy Make-over!

I started my journey about 6 months ago. At first I was only doing the tummy tuck but decided about a few months ago to add the breast augmentation as well. I have implants but they are too big for me and really saggy after 10 years so I'm going to need a lift and go with a smaller implant... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants and Tummy Tuck - Lake Oswego, OR

You would think I would have had kids with the procedures I had (no babies) but different things have happened in my life where I never had perky boobs and had a long incision on my stomach from a previous surgery. I went in for a consultation just on a breast lift and implants and she was so... READ MORE

43 Mother of 2, GiGi of 2 - Lubbock, TX

Studied other reviews on Real Self for weeks. Went in for a consultation with and was so pleased he could help all of the "wrongs" I wasn't happy with. Scheduled my surgery in the following 3 weeks. Didn't want to waste any time. Surgery went well and I was moving around pretty good rather... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Mother of 3, Best Mommy Makeover I Could Ask For! - Manhattan, NY

The so-called "mommy makeover" is truly life changing. I thought the "fun me" was over after I had three kids and was still 5-10 lbs heavier with saggy boobs, huge nipples, and a granny fat pack in my lower stomach. Dr. Zuckerman really helped me see that those changes were reversable with the... READ MORE

55-year Old, Fit but Fighting Gravity (And Gravity is Winning So Far!!!) !

I'm starting to count down the weeks to my surgery. I am so glad for this site! I've already "checked in" on Real Self for the month of January, but got an email requesting that I document my journey. So here's my attempt at doing so. I'm 55, 5'9, 130 pounds. I run, lift weights, bike,... READ MORE

30 Year Old W/ Vertical C Section Scar and Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

My case was a challenging one seeing how I had an emergency c section that left me with a thick vertical scar starting from my belly button and going all the way down to my first horizontal c section scar. The way this last c section left my stomach was unsightly. My belly was simply stapled... READ MORE

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