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unnatural looking + Mommy Makeover

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25 Years Old, 2 Children, Both C Sections, Major Natural Weight Loss, Finalizing my Weight Loss Journey - Dominican Republic, DO

OK so I wasn't going to do a review due to the fact I didn't think people actually follow but being that I am on this app 24 seven and I follow multiple people I guess it actually gets read. I am 25 years old I have two children a nine-year-old daughter and a one and a half-year-old boy. Since... READ MORE

"Mommy" Makeover (TT with lipo and MR +BL no implants) After 80lb Weight Loss - Florida, NY

I'm a pretty private person, so posting a public blog on such a private matter like this is unnatural for me (and is why I'll be using a fake name and not revealing details like the name of my PS for now). But, like many others, I've gotten a lot of help from seeing the reviews here and wanted... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Breast Augmentation - Miami

After 3 years post surgery, My scars still looks horrible. The belly botton looks unreal. He did my belly botton twice and still look unnatural. I paid 8,500 for a horrible scar. To high and thick. I had c cection in the past, and my scar was unnoticeable. For some reason this scar is still... READ MORE

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