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39 Yr Old Mom of Two Via C-section

After my daughters I was fine with my body.(except my abdomen) Then gained a little weight and my stomach kinda got a little bigger. I am in my ideal weight so decided to change my saline implants 375cc/400cc for silicone HP 600cc. 1-5days after surgery I looked flat although uneven parts. 8... READ MORE

38yo 5 Kids One C Section Mommy Makeover 7mths Preop

I've been wanting to makeover my body for years but after 5 kids and low elasticity in my skin I've decided to go with a mommy makeover. Im super nervous and anxious. A friend of mines had a TT, lipo, MR, and BBL in December 2016 with Dra Tania Medina. I love her results so i reached out to... READ MORE

32 Year Old, 2 Kids, 8 and 10, Tummy Tuck, Lipo Flanks and Breast Augmentation - St Petersburg, Florida

Here it goes! I have been waiting a LONG LONG time to get the courage to go ahead with this procedure. I have had 2 c sections. My first pregnancy I went from 135LBS to 213LBS and my second pregnancy I gained 50lbs just a few months later (had my kids 22 months apart). I have always been very... READ MORE

2k17 Stripper Body - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm 21 with 1 kid. When I was pregnant in 2013 I was about 300 lbs and ever since I've lost about 74lbs but I'm still not where I want to be. I am a dancer but taking a break until I get my body how I want it to be. My breast are uneven and I still have loose skin from weight loss. My major... READ MORE

BA Revision, Tummy Tuck, Labiaplasty - Tucson, AZ

I have finally figured out a plan and Dr. I'm having my 550 saline implants removed and replaced with the same size silicone implants, I'm getting a lift because 1 side fell while the other stayed high and tight from capsular contracture, I have gained ands lostlost weight enough times that this... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Dr. Ortega Advice on It Please? Miami, FL

So I officially decided to get a mommy makeover I had went through major surgery June 2014 I went from 260 pounds to 145 my breasts are uneven I want to get the Mommy Makeover schedule for February 19th 2016 but I had a couple questions I live 4 hours away did anybody receive the surgery and... READ MORE

29 at the Time, 2 Kids, 1 Csection and Now Confused - Virginia

Ok, so my tummy tuck went alright.... I say alright because I certainly think it could've been tighter and not to mention I asked for lipo but was advised I didn't need it. So naturally I'm trusting my surgeon hell, I'm not a surgeon! It's best to listen. But whatever. Overall I give my tummy... READ MORE

23 Years Old, with a 3 Kids, Breast Were Uneven. - Sarasota, FL

I am 23 with 3 kids under the age of 3. I work out 5 days a week and stay very busy. I joined a group to lose the baby weight and lost 55lbs. After the weight loss it seemed like my breast just deflated. And were uneven. I went to see Dr. Lacerna and had a breast lift and augmentation done. I am... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 120pds, 5'4". One Child with a Normal Delivery. Las Vegas, NV

Just had my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. my right breast was a bit smaller than my left one. So He put 365cc on the right 320 cc on the left. Now 4th day of my post opt and my breasts look uneven. I am worried if i made the wrong decision. Also was a bit disappointed w the size as i asked... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mom to Twins- Full Mommy Makeover Revision. Bonita Springs, FL

There aren’t enough positive words to describe Dr. Eshbaugh and his work. I came to Dr. Eshbaugh from Tennessee after undergoing a mommy makeover back in December 2014. I was very unhappy with the outcome of my previous surgery- my breasts were uneven and saggy and far larger than I had w... READ MORE

36 Year Old Woman with Huge Pregnancy and Sagging Uneven Boobs - Weston, FL

I was tired of my horrible belly and non shaped boobs. I decided it was time for a mommy makeover! I had a full tummy tuck along with a breast lift and 400 ccs and 425 ccs on my smaller boob. I chose Dr. Rothfield for his bedside manners, patience and I could tell he was so kind hearted and... READ MORE

32 Year Old, Full Time Working Mom of 3 Finally Getting the Body I Never Had and Always Wanted. - Fall River, MA

I officially have my surgery date - 5/4/15. it's booked and paid for. I have always had unequal and uneven breasts, but my 3 pregnancies and weight fluctuation has made my belly more of a priority. I originally went for a TT consult and the day I went to pay for it (three days ago) I decided I... READ MORE

Finally, 30 Years Post-baby - Houston, TX

I have been chubby all my life, weighed 185 when I became pregnant at 30 years old. With pre-eclampsia and the usual pregnancy stuff, I topped out at 235 on delivery day. My body never tightened up and I've had flappy skin ever since (including a panniculus "apron," cavernous belly button, and a... READ MORE

47YO; Twins W/CSection. TT & BL & BR

Introducing myself. I've been contemplating a BL & BR for about 4 years. When I went for my consult I had the surgeon look at my csection scar and tummy overhang. It's always bothered me but never before did I consider a TT. I'm roughly 5'7" (just under) and weigh 138lbs. I've recently... READ MORE

49 Years Old 2 Babies(one Caesarean). Having TT with Lipo and BA As Birthday Present to Myself - Birmingham, GB

I have been yo-yo dieting since I was a teenager so always had a bit of a jelly belly, but now my weight is fairly stable at 142lb. However after two large babies the second of which was a caesarean I had an overhanging pouch. I have lived with and hated it for years , youngest child is 11, and... READ MORE

29 Years Old; 138 Lbs, 5'6 and Done Having Babies - Southlake, TX

I'm planning on having an extended tummy tuck with breast lift and augmentation after losing around 80lbs. I'm unhappy about the amount of droop my boobs have. They look like uneven hanging pancakes . And my belly pooch isn't much better. I'm actually pretty thin but all this extra skin hides my... READ MORE

BA & TT by Dr Georgina Konrat Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic - Brisbane, AU

Can I start by saying I couldn't find much on the internet to help guide me to how where how much what happens.... here in Brisbane, which is why I am writing reviews on every site I can and I willmake a video as well upload to utube. if I can help ONE woman to make it easier I am happy. This... READ MORE

33yrs Old, Mother of Three(14,9,2)-TTw/lipo of Tummy,and Flanks,MR,BL Finally Did Something for Me!!! - San Rafael, CA

Unfortunately, by the time I had discovered this site I hadn't felt as I comfortable as I do today, so you won't see any post ops of my body, but I was not by any means a small lady. I have had three kids and one alone takes it's toll. With my first pregnancy I had gained 100lbs(literally ate... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover- TT, BL with Silicone Implants - Cherry Hill, NJ

For almost 8 years, I had slowly put on weight, was always tired and never felt right. I was diagnosed with depression but no medication made me feel better. Finally, about 4 years ago they realized my thyroid was shot and as a result my hormones were out of wack. Now, I feel great but haven't... READ MORE

No Regrets - Edina, MN

After losing 120 lbs I had excess skin on my stomach and deflated uneven breasts. I had several consults and decided to go with Dr.Smith. He was about the same price as other surgeons but he seemed much more aware of what I needed to make the best shape, I needed the skin removed and my... READ MORE

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