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I'm 47 and I Think I Am Finally Ready...Modesto, CA

I've had two c-sections (for each child) and a couple of other non-cosmetic surgeries that required general anesthesia, so, I can't say that I am too fond of the thought of "going under". But, this is something that I've always wanted and I think I am finally ready. Not sure if that's quite the... READ MORE

38 Year Old, Mini Tummy Tuck, Fat Transfer to Breast, Fat Transfer to Under Eyes. Carlsbad, CA

After 3 kids my body has changed a lot! I could not get rid of my belly even after working out with a trainer 3 days a week. I really didn't want breast implants and have to redo them 10 years later. After many hours of research on this website and more I found Dr. Sears. He specializes in... READ MORE

34 Years Old: Much Needed Mommy Makeover After 100+ Pound Weight Loss - Mexico

After years of Yo-Yo dieting and massive weight loss, I underwent a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2011. I lost in excess of 100 pounds and have maintained that loss for over 4 years. I am getting married in October of this year (2015) and with a St. Lucia honeymoon booked, I finally had the... READ MORE

Really to Look at Myself and Yay Baby - Las Vegas, NV

Wow.... I never knew that one day I would be in place for this to happening which is my mommy makeover ... I will be having a breast implant, tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and also lipo on my inner/ outer and anterior thighs oh and injection under my eyes... I am ready to make this change you... READ MORE

Re-Born by Dr. Born at 40 - Toronto, ON

I had an extensive "mommy makeover" and fat grafting in my checks and under my eyes 3 weeks ago. I am still healing and slightly swollen but so far am very happy with the results. Dr Born is an accomplished surgeon with an artists eye. I found his pre- and post-op supplements extremely helpful... READ MORE

35 Years Old Post VSG. Mommy Makeover and Fat Transfer to Under Eyes. - Tijuana, Mexico

I was referred to this group by a friend and wasnt even looking for plastics at the time. Just one month later I was so impressed by the work I booked a date myself, 8/20/15. I am 4'11' and 133 lbs. I had a lapband in 2012 and revised to a gastric sleeve in 2013. Total weight lost was 70 lbs.... READ MORE

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