tubular breasts + Mommy Makeover

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41 Years Old, 5'8", 3 Kids, Worked Hard to Lose Weight and Ready to Fine Tune my Body

I am a 41 year old mom. I have three children ages 11, 9, and 5. I weighed close to 200 lbs in 2014 and knew that I was not happy with that, so I started walking. I began with 5 miles and I now walk 9+ miles, 7 days a week. I have kept it up for 3 years now and have dropped from a size 14 to an... READ MORE

49 Year Old Mum, Several Procedures with Mr Percival - London, GB

I’ve had a number of procedures by Mr Percival; first a full abdominoplasty, (11/13) then face-lift, brow-lift, (05/14). As well as this I had tuberous breast for which I had implants, and then later explant, and lift with full maxtopexy, (05/14 to 05/15). The price above is for the a... READ MORE

36 Mommy Makeover 3 C-sec and Breastfed - Oceanside, CA

I am 1 week post op and loving my new boobs. Pre-Op 34 deflated B/C. Breast implants and lift with Mentor round memory gel silicone implants. 375cc/400cc placed dual plane. My Breast pre-op were very constricted tubular shape breast with large puffy areolas. I told my ps what I want to achieve... READ MORE

Hi All!! 3.5 weeks Post Op! Full TT, 400cc Mentor Silicone Gel BA/BL/Lipo- Calgary, AB CAD

Height: 5'8" ---short waisted. Procedures being done: --Full Tummy Tuck with diastasis recti repair and lipo to the abdomen, waist and flanks --Lillipop Breast Lift (no anchor), tubular correction with nipple reduction, 397cc Cohesive Gel smooth round moderate profile + implants The adventure... READ MORE

Two-stage makeover 1st-Tummy tuck and breast lift, 2nd-silicone implants held in place with a belladerm sling

Hello community members. I will start by telling you that I was born with a very unusual tubular breast deformity and asymmetry. In 2000 I underwent a benelli/crescent lift hybrid along with sub-muscular 350cc saline implants. Shortly after ( An update to yesterday's review (a good portion... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother with Breast Augmentation, Lift, and Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of Flanks, and Hernia Repair

I am almost 5.5 weeks post op. I had a full tummy tuck due to diastasis and an umbilical hernia repair. And i had a breast lift with implants. I am still healing. But i wanted to let people know that I already feel like a different person. It is hard to say what the final result of my tt... READ MORE

22yrs Old Mommy of 1

I have tubular breast that I'm so insecure about and just so ready to get them corrected with implants. I've done all my research and he's the best and most secure I have found and I couldn't be any happier. Also getting lipo a BBL and possibly a tummy tuck. I don't want my mommy pouch hanging... READ MORE

Ready to Lose the Sag! - Omaha, NE

I'm so excited to finally be going through with this! It's like a dream come true. I have 2 boys, ages 2 and 4, and pregnancy definitely did a number on my body. It didn't help that I gained 70-80 pounds with each pregnancy. I've lost all of the weight from each. That's a lot of pounds. The... READ MORE

Best Tummy Tuck Doctor in the Country - Newport Beach, CA

I had a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck, otherwise known as a mommy makeover. I have never had kids but I did lose 100lbs. I had severely deflated tubular breasts and a lot of extra skin on my stomach. It was a lot harder than I expected but I would still do it over again 1000 times.... READ MORE

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