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45 Years Old, 7 Kids, Upgrade Needed - Australia, AU

Hello all, Firstly I have to say how insanely excited I am about having this op. My surgery is booked for 28th July and I have decided to write a review as I found it very difficult to find any reviews either on my PS or state that I live in at all, which was very frustrating. Hopefully this... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mama, Tummy Tuck and 505cc Implants - Golden, CO

Hello all!! My mommy makeover is approaching quickly, I feel like I have to pinch myself just to see if it's really going to happen. I can't imagine being in a place where I love my body again. I have three beautiful babies but after my first daughter I was left with a lot of stretch marks, the... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Mother of 2 w/ Severe Diastasis getting TT W Lipo and Silicone Implants. Hudson, FL

Just booked my pre-op and made my deposit to hold October 7th for my surgery. I'm so nervous I actually cried when the assistant emailed me that she wanted to call me. I'm 5'4 147 lbs I have 2 small children 4 yrs (7 lbs 9 oz) & 8 months (9 lbs 10 oz) that I delivered cesarean. I was diagnosed... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Kids, 2 Surgeries and Ready to Have my Body Back. Bakersfield, CA

I hope to have my body back!! I don't want to go all out crazy. I have been debating this for years now and now it's happening this Friday! I have so much to do and have been preparing for weeks now! My all time high was 261 lbs now under 200 & 5'7. Super excited for Friday and very nervous at... READ MORE

37 yrs old, Tummy Tuck Plus Breast Lift with Implant (Mentor Smooth Round 400cc) - Thailand, TH

Realself really helped me in thinking through why/what/how/if I wanted plastic surgery. SO to thank those brave ladies who helped me with their stories, I am sharing mine here! I am 6 days op – Mommy make over tummy tuck and breast lift with implants- but wanted to get it on here before life m... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 5'4, 128 Lbs, 2 Kids (9,6) Minor TT, Lipo, BA 450 Ccs (Also Getting Fat Transfer in Cheeks) - Riverside, CA

I'm hoping to regain my self esteem, I haven't worn a bathing suit since my first son was born. My breasts are deflated from weight gain during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm not worried about the scars because anything will be an improvement, plus my dr came recommended from 2 friends who had... READ MORE

Horrible Experience and Results - Be Careful Choosing Surgeon!!!

In 2008 I lost a child when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I had to have a c-section - my third. I developed a massive hematoma and the incision split open and became infected. My stomach never went back to normal and it was a daily reminder of my loss. In 2011, I had to get a hysterectomy and... READ MORE

Dra.Yily Mommy Makeover 2018

Hello everyone! I been scoping out RealSelf for a while now. I've made the decision to go to the DR and have a mommy makeover with Dr. Yily de los Santos. I've been following her a while and I absolutely love her work. This coming Oct. I'll be 29 yrs. old and I just want my groove back after 3... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover with Dr. Soto. Orlando, FL

After two children I was very excited to have a mommy makeover to restore my body to its pre-baby state (or as much as I could:) Dr. Soto did a nice job with my scar from my mommy makeover. It is straight and well hidden. I am very disappointed with my belly button, the stitches didn't hold... READ MORE

36yrs, 3 Kids, Going in for a TT, BL and BA - Mississauga, ON

2 weeks and i am going in for a new makeover. After three kids and nursing them for 18 months each, it has taken a toll on my B's and Tummy. I am nervous, excited, scared...questioning this and also worried about the size of BA (275cc) i am getting. Anyone had 275cc?...i don't want them to look... READ MORE

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